How to use a Credit Card Intelligently #AD

Are you wondering how to use a credit card intelligently? Do they scare you? Are you reckless with them? Confused by them?

Whatever your story with credit cards I want to help you be clearer and more confident about how to use them.

Being confident that you know what you are doing with money is very important. Peace of mind is key to a happy life and money worries can be hugely disruptive to that. There are strong links between mental ill health and money issues and that not good for any young family.

Financial jargon and confusion can mean that even the most sensible of people can end up in a fix with their credit cards with too much left to pay off each month and accumulating debts.

I have a beautifully simple infographic below that will really help.

Sometimes a visual representation of a complex topic makes it all seem so much easier doesn’t it.



Credit Cards and me

I am very sensible when it comes to money and yet I actually put off having a credit card for years because I did not know how to use it intelligently. I so wish they taught financial education in schools. Now I understand how easy they are to manage i find my credit card an asset rather than a potential problem. Credit cards can be really useful if you use them well.

Have a look at the infographic below to find our how a credit card can actually be a real benefit to you if you use it wisely and how using it wisely is actually just about being savvy and staying in control.


Smart Ways to Use a Credit Card



Do you feel more clued up now on different ways to use a credit card? It  is all about choosing the right card and making a few smart declensions such as automating your repayments and setting limits.

Simply follow the guidance in the infographic and you really will not go far wrong.

Now you know how to use it well you might be wondering what kind of credit card would work best for you?


What kind of credit card should you choose?

If you pop on over  to HSBC credit cards you can see the variety of credit cards available to you and think through what would work best for you. It is all about figuring out what matters most to you and choosing accordingly.

Don’t be daunted by credit cards as I was, they can be a huge asset when it comes to big purchases. Do spend a little time and do a little reading and it wall all become much clearer. You need to control your money so it doesn’t control you.




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