Walking back to healthiness – week 1

This week I have been trying to walk a bit more than usual.  I have a little red car that I am ashamedly quite attached too and find v convenient to dash about in. But I need to lose weight and the environmant and my pocket demands less ‘littles dashes ‘ about in my car too. I’ve refound my walking feet .

This week I have walked to the canal with my kids and fed the ducks, I’ve walked to the shops and to the library and  I have walked round the park wherever and whenever I can I have walked  The fresh air and the striding out have all felt really good. May not sound much but it’s better than normal

I’ve been wearing my funky EasyTones from Reebok to try and add to the muscle toning. They make me look lik a serious walker (Benefit number 1) and they make me feel like I am getting an extra workout for no extra effort (Benefit number 2)

Heres a bit of informtion on Reebok EasyTones and what they do :

 Trainers whose technology is based on the benefits of Instability Training that have been proven over time to tone your muscles.
Reebok uses unique balance pods with moving air built into the shoe that provide natural instability with every step, which forces your muscles to adapt and work harder.

Lab results show improvements in muscle tone when tested in the lab and great reviews from women around the world who have worn them!

Compared to a typical foam based walking shoe, EasyTone footwear with balance ball inspired technology generated 28% more gluteus maximus muscle activation, 11% more hamstring activation, and 11% more calf activation.  Essentailly they firm up your bun as you walk!  

These trainers cost form £65 from Reebok which is of course not a cheap option but for the extra workout you get you mauy consider it worth it. I don’t know but I’m going to give mine a good go and see if i can get my bum as pert as that girl in the adds. i will keep you posted.
Obviously to get fit and enjoy walking you absolutely don’t NEEED special trainers you just need a bit of energy, some water, perhaps someone nice or meaning ful to walk and your off. See you later!
P.S Am trying to gather some mums together for little regular walks and form a  little club  do any of you do this?



  1. Fiona Erlandsen
    July 2, 2010 / 7:38 pm

    Ooh, glad to hear those new Easytone’s are going well. Keep seeing the ad and wondering, having spent large quantities on MBT’s which give me blisters on blisters. I love walking, after kids and having injured my neck, it truely is a great fat burner. I lost 3 kilos by walking one hour a day. perfect. Nice price for the trainers too, can’t get a pair of Nike running shoes for less than €100, wonder if I can get them in Lanzarote ? hmmm trip to UK soon, with empty suitcase.

  2. Becky
    July 4, 2010 / 7:28 am

    I reckon they could probably post them! How lovely to live in the sunshine. i have a bad shoulder right now so yes your right walking is a top option

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