Vegetarian Christmas Food

Today – Vegetarian Christmas Food – What to serve when Turkey is off the menu

I’ve spent the last few days fishing through recipe sites trying to decide what to cook for Christmas and I’ve been going round in circles. I seem to be adding things to my scribbled shopping list only to take them back off again. The truth is that I just can’t decide what to cook, there are so many recipes out there! Who knew! One part of me wants to try something new and exciting but the other part of me knows that if I do this there is a fair chance that the kids won’t touch it. This month’s grocery bill is somewhere near gigantic anyway and I want to try to minimize cost and waste ….. and having to make an extra meal on Christmas day for some very hungry, stubborn kids.

I happened to be browsing recipes on the channel 4 site when I noticed my little Companion friend pop up in the bottom left hand corner. (I’ve written about this mySupermarket app before). Well I did get a shock, I thought that this mySupermarket price checker app only worked when shopping on the supermarkets websites but as of this week it also works as a Companion for buying Ingredients from recipe sites as well.

Vegetarian Christmas Food - What to serve when Turkey is off the menu

This courgette, goats cheese and toasted pine nut tart caught my eye, it’s easy to prepare and it looks like you can’t go wrong so I decided to click on the Companion Buy Ingredients button and it was like a miracle, my mySupermarket account opened up in a new tab and in the quickshop notepad was the entire list of ingredients needed to make this delicious looking tart. Not only that, it had already searched for the products and had listed suggestions for me. No need to scribble down ingredients and then search online for the products and best prices, with just a few clicks mySupermarket did it all for me. All I needed to do was search through their suggested options for Vegetarian Christmas Food and add them to my basket ready for when I complete my shopping later on. Normally I write the ingredients I need on paper and then when I’m doing my online shopping, I come to mySupermarket and search the items in order to add them into my basket. This was so much easier and no paper involved at all!

The tag line on this Companion Recipe app is ‘the easiest way to shop for recipes’ and well I have to say it does make life much easier! After I added all the ingredients I needed to make this tart I went back to Channel 4 to see what options there were for the rest of the meal. Each time I looked at a new recipe the Companion pop up appeared discreetly, ready for if and when I decided to buy the ingredients.

Vegetarian Christmas Food - What to serve when Turkey is off the menu

You can download the FREE Companion app to help compare prices when you shop on Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose or Ocado sites and to use with these Companion supported recipe sites to find your Vegetarian Christmas Food this year.

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Vegetarian Christmas Food - What to serve when Turkey is off the menu





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