My (almost) Cost Free Christmas Wishlist

My (almost) Cost Free Christmas Wishlist

I would like lots of things for Christmas and for every one of my wants that cost I have 2 that don’t.

Would you like to see my Christmas list? (I am sending it to Santa too & secretly hoping my family may read this!)

1.       I would like a lie in one weekend soon on both the Saturday AND the Sunday (that hasn’t happened in the last 8 years it would be SUCH a treat)

2.       I have followed it all series and I adore Jahmene. I would like some x factor tickets. And I would love to see Rylan too!

3.       I would like to have a bath that lasts over an hour where no child comes anywhere near the bathroom door and bothers me for something like blu tack or a lost Lego brick.(Have you ever read five minutes peace by Jill Murphy – that’s just like our house that is!)

4.       I would like my husband to make me my favourite tea (he makes a great Veggie Bolognese) with ice-cream to follow and him doing all the cleaning up

5.       I would love a teal fake leather filofax. I adore filofaxes and this one is beautiful

6.       I would like my kids to both write me a letter for my treasure box I love their handwriting and their spelling errors.

7.       I would love evenings of charades, scrabble and Cleudo without any TV at all for 3 days in a row! We could do it guys.

8.       I want a week’s grace form doing the laundry and putting it away. BORING!!

9.       I want a lovely cosy fat face jumper in dark navy that I have seen.

10.   I want a tidy home and everyone all Christmas time to PICK THEIR OWN STUFF UP PLEASE!!!

So there you go everyone no need to spend lots of money to make me happy. We can be a family on a budget but still give mum some lovely Christmas gifts.


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