Toybox, supporting street children, £1000 and a personal challenge

We may be a family on a budget but it’s all relative isn’t it. We are in fact extremely wealthy compared to most oof the world and my children have riches in abundance compared to the street children of South America.

We have decided (me and the kids) we should do some fundraising to help out children who have it tough. We have decided to try and raise £100o for Toybox.

Toybox are  committed to helping street living and street working children and those at risk of becoming so, principally in Latin America.

Their vision is of a world where there are no street children, where families are restored, those who are disadvantaged have choices and hope and all children have a voice.

Their mission is to bring lasting and positive change to the lives of street children, street working children and those at risk of becoming so, through front line work, prevention and advocacy, being a facilitator and enabler, galvanising people and resources in the UK, Latin America and worldwide.

Do you know much about street children?

  • There are hundreds of thousands of street children in Latin America, .
  • These street children include: children living on the street with no home at all, children spending most of their time on the streets, without opportunities for education and care; and child workers who spend most of their time working on the street
  • Working with street children can be very costly work as these children usually need a long period of rehabilitation. It can take many months or years to firstly build up their trust, as they have normally endured only pain and abuse from adults. So it is a longterm work of commitment and rarely a quick fix that they need to help them release their potential.
  • Observers from our partner in Guatemala say that street children there have a life expectancy of around four years on the street.
  • In addition to street children, there are thousand more children living at very high risk. Toybox helps both.
  • According to Unicef, some 75,000 severely malnourished children have been identified in Guatemala in 2005, a consequence of three simultaneous emergencies: chronic poverty, drought and the coffee crisis. Some 67 per cent of indigenous children suffer from chronic malnutrition.
  • Unicef also reported in 2004 that in Guatemala in the first 10 months of 2002, gangs or security forces killed 408 children and youths, but most street children were killed by drive by shootings.

The challenge

Anyway I aim to lose 3 stone to fundraise for Toybox (gulp) I have lost 16lb already in the last 5 weeks. I am totally motivated. PLEASE visit my just giving page and donate if you would like to support this charity and cheer on my HUGE weightloss. Many thanks. You can find the Just giving page in my side bar.


P.S Toybox is a Christian charity (though they make it clear dont use their work to change peoples faith or promote theirs)


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