Review: New Philips Avent Comfort Breast Pump and Natural Bottles

Last week I was invited to the launch of Philips Avent  new natural range which includes the comfort breast pump and natural bottles. I always used a Philips breast pump but not the bottles so I was intrigued to see how they had improved them.

The Avent natural bottles

I exclusively breast fed and my children didn’t like the teats on the Avent bottles they as they eem quite hard. They have been redesigned to be more comfortable, more like the breast and  easier for parents to hand

Promotes natural latch on

The bottle still comes in the same sizes with a variety of f teats flows but it now has  wide breast-shaped teat which promotes natural latch on similar to the breast, making it easy for a baby to combine breast and bottle feeding or to take expressed milkk form the bottle. Petals inside the teat increase its  softness and flexibility for a more  comfortable and content feed.  Essentially it is a fatter squidgier teat and definitely more NATURAL hence the name of the range

Innovative design

It has an innovative twin valve design to reduce colic and discomfort by venting air into the bottle and not baby’s tummy. Due to the unique shape, the bottle is easy to hold and grip , even for baby’s tiny hands. 

Highly recommended

Simple to use and clean, quick and easy assembly and compatible with all the A range. This is a much improved piece of kit and comes highly recommended.  When tried  amongst over 100 mums, 77% claimed that their babies instantly accepted breast milk from the new Natural bottle whilst 93% of babies accepted the teat after two feeds. You can take a look at the new Avent natural bottle here. These will go on sale on 22 June 2012 and will be stocked by Mothercare.  Bottles retail from £7.5o

Avent natural bottle

The Avent Comfort Breast Pump

Comfortable positioning is crucial in helping mums express milk more easily . The Philips AVENT Comfort breast pump  allows mums to pump in a more reclined position so they don’t have to strain their backs.n. The Comfort breast pump features a unique active massage cushion which feels warm and natural on the breast. Its soft silicone petals gently massage the breast to stimulate the let-down reflex, encouraging milk flow and supply.

More pleasurable experience

Each feature of the Comfort breast pump is designed to encourage mum to breastfeed for longer whilst making the whole experience more pleasurable. The shaped handle and gentle fingertip control found in the Philips AVENT Comfort manual breast pump prevents hands getting tired and can be held closer to the body for a more natural hand and arm position

 Other benefits include

  • Intuitive assembly.
  • Compatible with other feeding products the range
  • Easy cleaning thanks to the small number of separate parts
  • Easy manual operation

It costs £33

Avent comfort breast pumpI am very impressed by this new range of products, They will hit the shops on June 22nd. Later this summer Philips Avent are also releasing a new app to support parents in finding a local community of new mums all at the same stage. Brilliant!  More on that to come.


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