Top maternity staples on a budget

Today -maternity staples on a budget

Restocking your wardrobe with maternity clothes when you become pregnant doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Now that high street stores produce their own in-house maternity collections maternity wear has become more affordable and a lot more stylish. Plus thanks to clever designs and plenty of creativity, maternity clothing can now be worn from the first signs of a bump right through to the day you give birth.


maternity staples on a budget

Maternity staples on a budget

You don’t need to completely overhaul your wardrobe. Many of your current clothes will work through most of your pregnancy, so you can get away with just a few essential items of maternity wear, which will mean your bank balance won’t feel such a dent. Here are our top maternity picks; for more maternity clothing check out New Look online.


Skinny jeans are what most women live in these days, but as you start to expand you may find yourself struggling to get into your old tried and tested pair. Instead of ditching your skinny jeans altogether and opting for frumpy joggers or baggy trousers, show off your bump in a pair of jeggings. They look just like a pair of skinny jeans but have a lot more give and will expand with you and your bump. This season go for pastel coloured and patterned pairs. New Look has a great pair of coloured maternity jeans. They come in red or electric blue and are a complete bargain at just £12.99 a pair.

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Don’t hide your bump; show it off. When you’re pregnant you are at your most feminine, so don’t hide under masculine, loose fitting shirts and ill-fitting tops. Get a stretch t-shirt or top, preferably in a pastel colour of nautical stripe, to work this season’s latest trends and show the world you are proud to be pregnant. We like New Looks’ Maternity Flecked T-Shirt in light pink or the Maternity Stripey Ruched Top with a blue and white stripe.

Maxi dress

Maxi dresses are comfortable, stylish and on-trend this summer. They are great for pregnant mums as they show off your bump without being too clingy. They are great in hot weather too as the long length and flowing fabric helps to keep you cool. This season look for tropical shades of turquoise, green and yellow. We love New Look’s Heavenly Bump Strapless Maxi Dress in turquoise (pictured). Nicole Richie was a big fan of maxi dresses when she was pregnant. She looks great here on Zimbio in a softly patterned, warm coloured maxi.

Heavenly bump strapless maxi

maternity staples on a budget

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