Top Five Tips For a TRADITIONAL Party on a Budget

Thanks to  Louise Plunkett from Louise is a party expert!
Sweet Pea Parties are suppliers of  traditional party supplies, from party bags to bunting.She does parties the old fashioned way (all the photos are curtesy of sweetpea parties

The best way to throw a party on a budget is to do it in the 
traditional way. Traditional birthday parties used to consist of 
games, tea and cake, and there’s no reason why a traditional tea party 
can’t be just as much fun as its more expensive counterparts. Here’s 
my top five tips for throwing a party on a budget;

Tip one;

Have it at home! The idea of this may send many of us screaming for 
the hills, but it is the number one way to throw a party on a budget. 
Plus, if you economise on the venue you can maybe afford other things, 
such as an entertainer or a super duper cake!

Tip two;

Make your own food! Yes, in this busy world it can be one extra thing 
to add to the list, but the benefits are 2 fold. One you save money, 
and two, you don’t have a room full of children high on food 
additives! If you really wanted to cut down on waste, therefore saving 
more money, you could make up individual plates of food and cover with 
clingfilm prior to the party. There can be a lot of wasted food at 
parties as small children sometimes don’t eat very when excited. A 
good suggestion for a party meal would be 2-3 finger sandwiches per 
child, a handful of fruit (grapes, strawberries etc) a few mini 
breadsticks, and a pudding, such as a yoghurt or jelly

Tip three;

Forget the professional child entertainer and play old fashioned 
games. These cost nothing, at most you need a music player and some 
treats for the prizes. Some examples of popular games include;

Musical Chairs
Musical Bumps
Treasure Hunt
Pin The Tail On The Donkey (artistic types can draw their own donkeys!)

Don’t get too caught up in ‘entertaining’ the children though. More 
often than not they are just happy to play with their friends, so 
leave plenty of toys out.

Tip four:

Party Bags. Forget loot bags full of plastic that will end up the 
landfill a week later. There’s no need to spend a lot of money, keep 
the party bags simple. Party bags started off as a means for children 
to take a slice of cake home. One good toy, a wrapped slice of cake, 
plus a ‘thank you for coming to my party’ note in a pretty bag is more 
than sufficient and the parents will probably thank you too!

Tip five;

Keep the numbers down and keep it short. It can be tempting to invite 
the whole nursery or school class, but if your’e planning a party on  
a budget then you may not have entertainers or the large venue needed 
to do this Limit numbers to 8-10 children, enough children for lots of 
fun but not an unmanageable amount. One and a half hours is plenty for 
the 0-5 age group. Less children means less food, and less party bags, 
so you’ll save money!

Thanks Louise these are fab tips!



  1. naomi
    October 5, 2010 / 7:33 am

    There are some great ideas here. Children love the simplicitiy and so do we so why arent we doing more of it!

  2. Becky
    October 5, 2010 / 7:35 am

    I agree Na we all long long for cheaper simpler lives and then get all tangled up (normally just to keep up!)

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