Top 5 ways to celebrate the birth of your child

Today – ways to celebrate the birth of your child

Top 5 ways to celebrate the birth of your child

As you are waiting for your baby to arrive, you might be wondering what you can do to mark the moment of birth.  The arrival of a new member to your family is a monumental time, and it is worthy of memorialising.  How you choose to do this should be personal to you and your partner.  Here are some suggestions for how you could celebrate this amazing arrival.


A little bit of bling

As a father, it is traditional to bring a gift to your partner, to mark the birth of the child.  There is no better way to thank the mother than to give her some jewellery.  A gold or silver locket, pendant or charm could be a symbol of the love you feel.

However, there are ways to make it even more special.  You could wait a day or two and purchase baby fingerprint jewellery. There is nothing more personal than our fingerprint; it is like our unique barcode for the universe.  Consequently, a piece of fingerprint jewellery is extraordinary.

The marks of your baby’s fingers will be etched with a laser onto the silver and gold.  You can ever have the patterns of the peaks and curves drawn into a ring.

What is unique about this choice of celebration is that you will be able to pass this on as a family treasure.  Imagine how special it would be to give this to a grandchild.  They would have a piece of jewellery with the fingerprint of their parent as a baby.


An informal baby shower

You know you will be bombarded with people who will want to meet your new arrival.  A constant stream of visitors can be challenging, especially when you feel exhausted.  It might be a good idea to organise something small and informal that will introduce your newborn to the most special people in your life.

Encourage others to bring some food and drink.  You can then use the leftovers rather than having to cook for a while – this will be a lifesaver.  You can also use the time to get some remarkable photos of all your special people with your baby.  It will help you create an album of photos that you can cherish into the future.


And some time alone

You also need to set aside a moment when you are alone with your baby.  You need to get to know them and greet them into your life.  A time of silence, holding your baby, skin to skin, will be a precious moment of personal celebration.

You will need to plan this time, as much as you would need to plan the get-together.  Make it clear to people that you need a set amount of time alone to create a routine and bond with your baby.  You will store a bagful of memories and cherished emotions from this experience that is far more valuable than anything you can buy.


Lay down some roots with a tree

Imagine that moment when your newborn turns 18. You stand in your garden together by the tree at their birth.  The symbolism of a tree is powerful.  You are planting something with strong roots.  The tree will outlast you and the newborn and therefore be a continuation of your relationship long into the future.

There is another reason why the tree is a symbol of the future.  Planting a tree is a small pill to the planet, helping to improve the environment with a tiny gesture. Your baby will need the world to survive and thrive, so planting a tree could be your part in this process.


Get some professional photographers

Photographing a newborn baby is a specialist activity.  The use of props, lighting and positioning needs to be smart to make your baby look at their best.  Most newborns are a little beaten up and wrinkly, and the cuteness and beauty may only be evident to the parents.  Therefore, getting someone who works with the youngest babies is essential.

You may be tempted to wait until the baby is a few weeks or months old so that the eyes are open or there is some facial expression.  However, young people change so quickly, and it is a good idea to capture them at the different stages of their early life.

You should then think about having these printed, framed and mounted, maybe on a canvas.  Digital images are fine, but there is something more permanent about a picture on the wall.


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