A lovely idea for a birth announcement

Today – A lovely idea for a birth announcement

Ah birth announcements make the best kind of post, don’t they!  They are as fun to send as they are to receive.

There are so many brilliant ways to announce the birth of your first baby. One of my absolute favourite ideas that I am so excited to share with you – is also one the simplest and most inexpensive of options. It is so very easy to pop a photo of your newborn baby into an envelope and post it. I love the baby announcement envelopes from www.bestbuyenvelopes.uk aren’t they just gorgeous? And they would be absolutely perfect to send a baby photo in wouldn’t they?


lovely idea for a birth announcement


A lovely idea for a birth announcement

Everyone just loves a baby photo don’t they and what a lovely surprise for them to be sent one.  I think receiving a card through the post is such an absolute treat. I know so many people now make announcements on Facebook or via email but it is absolutely not the same as a card just for you landing on your mat.

It always makes me smile to receive snail mail.  I know it has taken a little extra time and I know it is meant especially for me.

Someone sent me a thankyou card last week after paying me a visit and honestly I was so touched.

When I had both of my babies my mum phoned round all my friends and colleagues and the news was passed that way. I know it was completely exhausting for her and I had wanted to do it myself but I had not banked on being completely exhausted myself!

The lovely thing about cards is that they really can be from you, you can write them beforehand and design how you want them to look. You can handwrite the envelopes and get them all prepped prior to your baby coming along and then a photo can just be printed off and dropped in.

Sometimes the more traditional ways contain the extra bit of love. Can you ever beat snail mail?

At Christmas I have my kids, to this day, hand write their thank you cards and send them through the post. I think it teaches them to sit and consider the gifts they have been given and the person who sent them and I know how much, especially their older relatives, appreciate a handwritten note. They might grumble a little but I do hope that one day they will encourage their kids to do the same. It is a lovely tradition and sending someone something lovely by post will always make them happy.  Have look here for more on Snail mail and happiness

Do you still send snail mail?



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