Top 10 Items For Travelling With Young Children


Top 10 Items For Travelling With Young Children


Travelling With Young Children – what you need

Ten years ago, the number one item to take on a road trip or holiday with small children was undoubtedly wet wipes. They can be used for literally everything: wiping grubby fingers, cleaning tables and highchairs, removing makeup, impromptu showers, and even as emergency loo roll. Even after your young children have grown up, you’ll probably still travel with wet wipes out of habit – they really are a lifesaver!

However, a recent survey by Mallorcan villa specialists Book Mallorca revealed that wet wipes aren’t our favourite item to take with us when travelling with small children. They asked 1000 UK-based adults with children between the ages of 0 to 5 what is the one item they couldn’t live without when travelling. There are some really interesting responses, with some choosing to be funny (‘breasts’, ha!) while others were more philosophical in their approach (‘patience’, good one!).


So what came out top?

So you must be wondering, what was the number one item on the list? Overall, the top item was a tablet device (14.9%), and this option was slightly more popular with parents of boys (17.69%). If we factor in similar devices, such as in-car DVD players, smart phones and laptops, then this form of entertainment was most popular with 22.8% of those surveyed. Those travelling with at least one boy and one girl decided that snacks are the most important thing to pack before a trip.

The second most popular item on the list for parents travelling with children under 5 was snacks, followed by toys (including favourite teddy bears and dolls) and then wet wipes. For parents with boys, the top 5 items were a tablet device, snacks, wet wipes, toys and music, while parents with girls favoured a tablet device, snacks, toys, music and a pram. Interestingly, parents with girls were more hesitant to answer, with 12.5% saying they were unsure, as opposed to 3.19% of parents with boys.


What about rest stops?

There were some incredibly underrated answers that I believe should have featured much higher on the list. For example, only 1 of the respondents said that they couldn’t live without rest stops. Can you imagine a road trip without rest stops? One absolute genius pointed to coffee as their only essential travel companion, and another said they couldn’t live without a car bin, which is an incredible idea for long road trips. Others championed their partner as the one things they couldn’t live without, while others were much more direct, citing ‘duty-free’ as an essential part of travel.

Here’s the top 10 list:


  1. Tablet
  2. Food
  3. Toys
  4. Wipes
  5. Music
  6. Phone
  7. Pram
  8. Nappies
  9. DVD Player
  10. Drinks/ Water


Would you agree with the items on this list? Do you think there’s anything missing? Let us know in the comments below! And if you are worried about travelling with kids do take a look at this fabulous post at Zena’s Suitcase on essential tips for travelling with 2 kids


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