Tips for buying second-hand cots and buggies

Having babies is an exciting new adventure. One that involves a massive amount of spending and purchasing in preparation for the little people. However, you can buy some items like cots and buggies second-hand online at a bargain price.


Here are a few pointers to bear in mind when buying second-hand cots and buggies for your little ones.

Safety: If you are buying a second-hand cot, look out for the British Standards Institution (BSI) number BSEN716:2008 to make sure it is up to the relevant safety standards and likewise if you are buying a second-hand buggy it needs to comply with British Standard BS 7409.

These should be marked on the items and if you are buying online make sure to ask the seller for proof of this. If you are buying a cot second-hand please be aware that it is still advised that you buy a brand new mattress, so you will need to factor this into your budget.

Where: Websites like eBay, Gumtree and preloved make it extremely easy to buy good quality second-hand items online cheaply.

If the item, you want is far away and too heavy for regular couriers you can use delivery comparison websites like Shiply. They help you find local shipping companies who can handle these items.

If you are not comfortable buying online, you can search for items in charity shops or at car boot sales.

Budget: Always know how much you can afford to spend. When bidding on websites like eBay, try and wait to bid until close to the end of the auction. When the bidding starts early this usually ends up in the price of the item being much higher.

You can add items to watch lists and eBay will notify you when it’s about to end or alternatively, you can use software like Auction Sniper  which will place the bid for you right before the auction ends.

Ask questions: Make sure to ask the seller plenty of questions. Ask if it is a smoking or non-smoking house and where the item is being stored. Don’t forget to pay attention to the photos posted, check to see if you can see any stains or tears and don’t be afraid to ask the seller for close up shots.



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