The moneyhub challenge

Moneyhub is a fabulous money management app that allows you to see all of your finances in one go. You can include all your accounts and it will sync them and display all of your transactions which it  categorise them for you.


This enables you to see how much you have spent in each area of your life and if you wish to then compare this from month to month, what a brilliant way to try and help you manage your oney.

So far I am finding the app really easy to use and it is fascinating and shocking to realise quite how much I have been spending  particularly on food


In February somehow or other we managed to spend £747 on groceries (food, household stuff like washing tabs and some toiletries) In March we spent £619!!! This includes all packed lunches and all meals for all of us but still…wow that is a lot.

‘Mums Mean Business’ challenged me to reduce how much I spend on a monthly basis and so I am setting the goal of £550 this month (April) on groceries. I will be tracking on the app what I spend and I will let you know how I get on in May!

Wish me luck!





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