Which is the UK’s sleepiest county?

Silentnight have produced this fabulous interactive sleep map of the UK in collaboration with researchers at The University of Leeds. I go to bed at 10 and am up 5.30-6 most days. I sleep pretty well but earlier to bed and earlier to rise compared to most of my county.

How about you?

Leicestershire was found to be the nation’s ‘sleepiest’ county, with residents getting on average over seven and a half hours sleep per night,  followed by Worcestershire with an average of seven hours.

Rather worryingly they  found 25 per cent of Brits only slept for five hours or less per night – more than two hours less than the national recommended average (7.5 hours).  I bet most of them were parents of very young kids or students!!! However according to the older people I know  they sleep far less than they used too also. I certainly sleep a lot less now than in my younger days and i always wake p really early.

The study also questioned the 1,000 UK residents about their levels of sleep satisfaction, asking participants to mark their sleep out of 10. I would mark mine 8/10 which is way above average. Residents in Worcestershire reported as being the happiest with their sleep, followed by Gloucestershire and Cheshire, all giving rankings of seven or above out of ten.  Northamptonshire, Cornwall and Glasgow were the worst off counties in the UK, ranking their sleep just four out of 10.

I am surprised I would have thought all the fresh Cornish air would have really helped people sleep!



How well do you sleep?




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