Tips to improve privacy in your garden this summer

Do you want to enjoy your garden in peace without worrying about curious neighbours?

With everything that’s going on with the world and the fact that we’ve spent so much time indoors, we are all craving some outdoors time. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like going on holiday any time soon – don’t get me wrong, I want to but at the same time, I don’t want to risk anything. So, the best next thing is my garden.


Tips to improve privacy in your garden this summer

I want to make the most out of my garden this year. I want to relax, sunbathe, play with the kids, invite family over for socially distanced breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I want to do it all in peace. No prying eyes. No worries. I think that’s what you want too. Some peace and quiet in your garden. To share some ideas on how to improve privacy in your garden, I’ve partnered up with Speedy Fixings.


There are plenty of ways to protect your garden from curious neighbours’ eyes, from installing garden fences and strategic planning to planting trees and shrubs. Before starting to add things to your garden, it’s important to understand and work with the sight line. As this article on Real Homes mentions, the sight line is “what the overlooking person can see – be that from a window, their own garden or from a nearby walkway.” It’s quite easy to figure out the sight line. “If you can see them, they can see you.” It’s that simple.


Tips to improve privacy in your garden this summer

Take a look at your fence.

Is your fence in good condition? Has it been damaged by strong winds? Maybe it has some broken or bent parts? Give your fence some love and reinforce it or install a new fence if your current fence can’t be repaired. Perhaps you don’t have a fence at all – it’s time to put up a fence!

Not just any fence. It’s time to put up a good quality fence that both offer privacy and that will adorn your garden for a long time. Speedy Fixings recommend installing fence post shoes for added stability and support. As Sparkles and Stretchmarks explains, “Metal shoes, also known as post shoes or post supports, offer an added level of support and strength to wooden posts plus, protect these from insect and water damage.”

You can even add a wall of hedges along your fence for added privacy. The Spruce shared the patio of a home in Oregon that created a beautiful intimate outdoor space by doing this. For a little evening ambience, fairy lights were added from the shrubs to the other high parts of the yard. How lovely does that sound?


More greenery.

The Middle Sized Garden comments that “If you only need privacy in your garden in summer, then you can plant deciduous trees and shrubs which lose their leaves in the winter. They’ll only give you garden privacy in the summer, but often let more light into your house in the darker days of winter.”

When planting trees and shrubs, remember to not plant them right on the boundary of your garden. If you want extra privacy, plant them as close to where you want the privacy as possible, explains The Middle Sizes Garden. “If you plant a tree for privacy closer to your terrace or seating area, even quite a small tree will interrupt the sight line.”



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