Perfect condiments and drinks for your summer BBQ

I can already smell the barbecued meats and veggies in the garden – sun’s out, it’s time for a barbecue! The kids and I love a good barbecue when the weather is nice, I mean… what is there not to love? Good food, good company and good weather. To make your BBQ even more special this year, I’ve partnered up Pantry House, fine food store to share some of the must-have condiments and drinks.


Perfect condiments and drinks for your summer BBQ

Have a plan

If you are inviting guests over for a delicious BBQ, it’s important to have a plan and prepare beforehand to make sure everyone enjoys themselves. As this article on Travel Mammas recommends, remember to prep food before your guests arrive. “Make sure all the food is ready to go on the grill when the guests arrive and that any side dishes are assembled, cooked as needed and out on display. You don’t want guests to arrive while you’re still forming burger patties and chopping lettuce and tomatoes.”



The South Carolina BBQ sauce is the perfect addition to pulled pork, fish and salads, a tangy sweet mustard BBQ sauce that will have your guests asking for more. There is never too much barbecue sauce in my opinion! If you’ve never tried this sauce, I promise you won’t regret it!

If you love all things spicy, the What a Pickle Tomato Chilli Jam will be the perfect choice. This jam is ideal to be served before or after your main course with a selection of cheeses. It also goes perfectly with cold meats!


Perfect condiments and drinks for your summer BBQ


Warm days ask for a refreshing drink. If you want something that both the kids and adults will love, I’d recommend the Hullabaloos Original Still Lemonade. A traditional lemonade with more lemons and less sugar, do you know of a better drink to pair with a BBQ? I don’t think so!

House Beautiful shared an article that advises on having a drink selection outside for the guests to help themselves when they feel thirsty. “Keeping things cool is a top priority but marching back and forth from the kitchen can be annoying. Why not set up metal buckets filled with ice or cool boxes with ice packs in shaded areas for beers, wines and soft drinks.”


What are some of your favourite condiments and drinks for a BBQ?


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