Give your garden some love with these outdoor trends.

When the weather is nice, there is only one part of the house where you’ll find me – the garden. It may or may not be the place where I’m at the moment, typing away this blog post. Of course, it is. I’m sitting down on my lovely garden chair, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying a glass of lemonade.



I’m a big fan of spending time outdoors and it comes with all kinds of benefits. Don’t just take it from me. This article on Mind highlights all the benefits of being outdoors, from improving your mood to reducing stress and helping you feel more relaxed. You can see why I love being outside so much, right? Since my garden gives me so much, I thought I would give back and refresh it a bit with some fabulous outdoor trends!

For some inside scoop on the top outdoor trends, I’ve partnered up with retractable roofs Sydney specialists, Designer Shade Solutions. From bringing indoors outdoors to letting your garden run wild, these outdoor trends will make your garden stand out!


Bring indoors outdoors               

Create an outdoor retreat with the comfort of an indoor room by adding a covered pergola to your backyard. Designer Shade Solutions create bespoke retractable pergolas that will guarantee you can make the most out of your garden all-year-round. These feature a retractable and tilting louvered roof that can easily close for protection against the weather; open to allow you to enjoy the sun or simply tilt for some shade.

As Renovation Bay Bee says in this blog post, Forget about the cold and rainy winter days where you look out at your garden and wish the weather was nice enough for you to make the most out of your outdoor area, with a retractable pergola you can do that and much more!


Multisensory spaces

Janine Huldie shared that multisensory spaces are a great addition to any outdoor space. How to create a multisensory space in your garden? Janine recommends having a planting scheme that focuses on displaying colour, fragrance, light and texture in different ways, “creating a multisensory space and a fully immersive experience.” So, instead of spreading seeds all over, have a game plan on how you want to display your plants and flowers.


Wild gardens

The opposite of a neat multisensory space is a wild garden, which has become a very popular addition to gardens all over the country. Whether you do not have a green thumb or want to give wildlife a safe corner of your garden to relax, a wild garden is perfect for you. Let nature do its thing, sit back and relax.


Shades of blue

Looking to add splashes of colour to your garden? Go for shades of blue – a calm, relaxing and welcoming colour. There are plenty of ways you can add blue to your garden. As Pretty Big Butterflies mentions in this blog post, you can paint your garden shed light blue, your garden fence navy blue, add some blue flowers or simply add “some water features, like a pond or drinking fountain.”


Give your garden some love with these outdoor trends is a feature post


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