Tips for a Peaceful Family Holiday

Today – Tips for a Peaceful Family Holiday

Tips for a Peaceful Family Holiday


Tips for a Peaceful Family Holiday

Holidays are something really special to share with a family. It’s usually a time where we can put the stresses and strains of daily life behind us for a week or two and enjoy each other’s company. With that in mind, taking children on holiday can sometimes be a little daunting whether you’re partaking in a ‘staycation’ or venturing abroad. This can be especially true with members of the family that are younger and may not be able to communicate their needs effectively, which can lead to disruption!

In view of this, we have put together tips some tips for peaceful family holiday!



Pick a Child-Friendly Resort or Accommodation

The first thing you can do to ensure you have a peaceful family holiday is making sure the place you pick to be your home from home is child-friendly. This will avoid a lot of aggravation and heartache in the long run. The main aim of a family holiday is for you all to have the best time and create some wonderful, long-lasting memories. Pick your resort or accommodation with the children in mind, thinking about things such as children’s activities or clubs so the children can have something to be engaged with, which can offset any boredom or agitation. Also, opting for a child-friendly resort means other holidaymakers are aware that children will be around which can help avoid any conflict with issues such as noise. Importantly, accommodations or resorts that are child-friendly will have considered health and safety for children inside and around the accommodation, which will also give parents peace of mind. Quality villas offer luxury villas in the South of France, Italy and Morocco which are all family-friendly. Perfect for a family treat.



Tips for a peaceful family holiday? Factor in Relaxation

Sometimes even the most experienced of holiday-goers and travellers just sleep best in their own bed, and this is definitely the same for children too. If you’re abroad, there are also other factors to contend with such as heat (it being too hot to sleep) or a noisy environment like music and chattering outside. All of these stimuli can influence how difficult it can be to get a child to go to bed and get to sleep. Because of this, relaxation time is a must to help a holiday flow more peacefully. Scheduling in chill-out time helps everyone not to become too frazzled on holiday – after all, a holiday is a time for rest! Try to stick to similar bedtimes which aren’t late at night to avoid your little loved ones turning into little grizzly bears! Especially teenagers!


Bring ‘Quiet’ Toys with You

As fun as a recorder rendition of any nursery rhyme might be for children, it might not be as happily received by other passengers. This goes the same for a toy that beeps at every interaction whilst you are trying to get a five-minute nap in before dinner, but the children are more alert than you have been in 20 years. This is where quiet toys come in. They also help children calm down as they aren’t as stimulating as noisy toys.  Quiet toys often focus concentration such as puzzles, storybooks or stickers, and these are often the toys that help children relax enough for sleep, opposed to using the iPad before bed and interrupt their natural circadian (sleep and rise) rhythm.



Pack Little Surprises

This idea is a little different but sweet and effective none the less. Packing little surprises such as little toys, magazines, jigsaws or other little surprises that they haven’t seen before will help keep morale up, especially when travelling. Colouring books make a great treat because they are exciting and keep children occupied too. Packing a healthy lunch is also important to keep their blood sugar levels steady. This helps avoid sugar crashes which can make children (and adults) very irritable.


We hope these tips for a peaceful family holiday help you and your family have a peaceful and enjoyable holiday!


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