Raising a Child in a Positive Environment

Today – Raising a Child in a Positive Environment


Raising a Child in a Positive Environment


Raising a Child in a Positive Environment – top tips

Children learn a considerable amount of life lessons from their first teachers – their parents. The home becomes the environment for their growing and nourishment. Creating a positive environment at home is important to build a strong foundation for a well-rounded child. Children absorb qualities and the way of life available to them in their immediate environment making it crucial for parents to construct a firm support system to nurture them in the right direction. In this article, we will find out how to raise a child in a positive environment to help them grow into secure, ambitious and accomplished individuals.


Internal Positivity

Internalizing positive thinking can be stimulated by parents in young children by simply talking to them. Offer an optimistic view of life on various occasions to guide them on how to perceive life. For instance, if a difficult situation presents itself, help your child overcome it with a positive approach. Talk to them about the significance of not trying if the attempt was not a success. As a result, an ambitious and positive mind will only make the child successful in all their endeavours.

As mentioned by Head Start Cares, “teaching children social and emotional skills not only improves their long-term emotional health, but it also has a positive impact on learning. And kids learn to decode nonverbal cues and facial expressions and work through their feelings, they experience better outcomes. And many children feel dismissed by the adults in their lives when they attempt to convey emotion.” Hence help your child internalize a positive dialogue which will help them be positive and self-fulfilling when they grow up. This is all crucial to raising a child in a positive environment


The Time Factor is key to raising a child in a positive environment

Coming together as a family to enjoy a meal, is the simplest example of spending quality time with the children. Eating breakfast with your child will help you prepare for their day with proper reassurance from your side. And at dinner time you can encourage your child to share the events of the day and vice-versa to let them know you are invested in everything they do. Children who do not receive attention from their parents often become difficult, to be noticed by them.

Talk to your child and figure out the different activities they would love to do along with you and maintain a schedule. Plan special nights once a week to treat and connect with them. Remember your preschooler will require more undivided attention than adolescents, so be very intuitive to your growing child’s needs.

Raising a child in a positive environment takes an ongoing commitment

Raising a Child in a Positive Environment

Characterizing Positive Moods

You can’t be happy all the time but encouraging a positive approach can help reduce the impact of bad days and learn to be efficient problem-solvers. Children, as we know, pick mirror their parents’ feelings, moods, and attitudes. It won’t be long before your child feels the same way. Hence create a habit that allows them to divert the attention when they are not in a good mood. Activities like reading a book, strolling in the park, listening to music, having a long shower, etc. can distress and lighten the mood healthily and productively, eliminating negative moods.


Raising a child in a positive environment by Encouraging and Acknowledging Compassion

According to What To Expect, “Four-legged family members need attention, food, shelter, and love, but they can’t ask for it with words — so learning how to understand them is a way for kids to practice caring and compassion. Even young toddlers can learn to stroke Fluffy gently or toss Fido a treat. As your child grows, she can take on more responsibility for your pet’s care, such as filling food and water dishes.”

If you notice your child being helpful or compassionate towards others, recognize and appreciate their efforts. For instance, offering their toys to younger siblings, sharing with friends or helping a neighbour are acts of kindness. The nature of such appreciation will establish a strong sense of maintaining a positive attitude towards everyone. Reward their efforts with praises and affection in the form of hugs or kisses. Make them feel special every day of their lives to let them know that the home is a safe and loving space.

Raising a child in a positive environment requires each of you to have compassion.


Nourishment for raising a child in a positive environment

Cultivating a healthy habit of eating among children will be beneficial when they grow older. Make fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food items the important source of nourishment at home. Instead of stocking up on junk food, keep healthy food available at home, always. This will allow the child to develop a taste for healthier alternatives that nourish them properly. And the perks of a healthy diet are a healthy child leading a healthy and successful life.

Raising a Child in a Positive Environment

Be Their Role Model when raising a child in a positive environment

Living by example is the only way to ensure your child follows the same. Be their role model at home by demonstrating positive traits like love, respect, care, and confidence to make it a way of life for them. Good manners towards others provide a code of conduct for your children when they are interacting with others. Teaching proper manners not only moulds a child into a polite individual but a thoughtful, empathetic and kind adult. Self-love is another important trait that can be taught by practising it yourself. For instance, if you refer to yourself as boring or unattractive, your child will follow the lead.

This is a key aspect to raising a child in a positive environment.


Positive self image

Hence it is very important to establish a positive self-image and esteem. The same way you cannot expect your child to eat healthy when you have a bad eating habit, yourself. Your behaviour in every situation works as their behaviour cue. And if your child needs improvement in certain areas, you can undo the situation by taking lead and following the ideal path you want your child to follow.

As parents be a little easy on yourselves and focus only on areas that require the maximum attention than trying to achieve everything at once. If you are unable to give enough time, convey it to your child and be transparent about your situation. And you will be surprised how easily they will forgive and understand compared to keeping them in the dark. Be kind with words and deeds aimed towards your child to let them feel loved and secure. This is of course central to raising a child in a positive environment

Over to you for your tips on raising a child in a positive environment

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