Tips for a Healthy Baby Diet

From the minute you bring your new baby home from the hospital, you want what is best for them. You soon learn every cry and understand what your baby needs, being there to care for them and ensuring they have the best start in life is your responsibility.

Diet is important from day one, some parents choose to breast feed, this ensures the baby is receiving all the healthy vitamins and nutrients it needs directly from the mother, it has been proven that breast fed babies are healthier babies.

In some cases you are unable to breastfeed and will need to use formulas to ensure your baby receives all the vitamins they need. As soon as your baby needs formulas you have to mix the powder with water. It sounds simple enough, but tap water is filled with chlorine and other chemicals, including lead.

Using clean and filtered water when mixing formula ensures that all these dangerous chemicals are removed from your baby’s diet. Remember that their kidneys are still developing and aren’t as strong as an adult, therefore you need to remove anything harmful from their diet to ensure their kidneys develop properly.

Did you know that adults are made up of fifty per cent water, while an infant is made up of seventy five per cent water? This means that water is an essential part of their diet to avoid dehydration, which in infants and young children can be life threatening.

Why Do Babies Need Water?

Firstly water is essential for metabolic function and cellular functionality. It improves muscles and reduces any joint problems later on. When making formula or your baby starts drinking juices, ensure you are using fresh and filtered water.

A child should be given juice mixed with water and not a pure concentrate to start, if you get your child used to drinking water straight away from a young age, they will get into the habit of drinking it. There are bottled waters on the market, this can work out expensive when mixing formula and there are water coolers which enable you to have filtered, clean and fresh water on tap without the dangerous chemicals whenever you need it. Otherwise, you always have an option of using tap water.

Making Your Own Baby Food

You will notice that your baby remains hungry after being breast fed or having their formula, this means their body requires more nutrients and this is found in solid foods.

It’s so easy to pop to the shop and buy baby food in a jar, but you need to bear in mind that these foods are cooked ay high temperatures to kill off any bacteria; the high temperatures also destroy any essential vitamins and minerals. There are then lots of additive added to the food to allow it to remain in a jar for an extended period.

For growth and development your baby needs nutrients and vitamins, foods rich in calcium, reduced sugar and salt and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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Making your own homemade baby food is advantageous as it has increased nutritional values, the additives are eliminated as it is made fresh, you can offer your baby a variety of different foods and making your own food is an affordable option.

A few tips when making your own food is to eliminate any sugars and salts when cooking, don’t overcook any vegetables as this destroys the essential nutrients and always give fruit to your baby raw, this ensures they get the essential vitamin C they need.

Milk, yoghurt and other foods rich in calcium are an important source of energy, but also ensure your child has healthy teeth and bones.

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  1. Jennifer
    July 5, 2012 / 5:20 pm

    Currently I’m using cooled boiled water for my baby’s medication, so great tip to use filtered. I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks.

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