My thoughts on Disney and The Art of Storytelling

I love storytelling.

It is a big part of my relationship with my children. I  read to them both daily and they now read to me. We make up stories all the time and we have written and even published a story together!  I read the stories at toddler church and I listen to children read in my daughter’s class. I even have a whole blog dedicated to story books and children’s book reviews. Stories heal, guide, advise, teach, entertain and amuse. My kids and I love ’em.

To mark Disney Junior’s anniversary Disney has released a report on The Art of Storytelling. This looks at the benefits of storytelling and concludes that they run much deeper than merely amusing a child for a short period. Stories can aid with learning and development by helping children to understand complex social, behavioural situations and can aid development of cognitive skills to process information.

Storytelling allows children to explore ideas such as morals, respect and relationships with others, which ultimately help shape their view of life and define their persona. It provides an opportunity to explore themes such as cooperation, teamwork and self-control. I often make up just the right’story’ when I am trying to get a message across about friendships, sibling harmony or the perils of not tidying up or eating veg!

Disney make a point of  encouraging parents to watch their shows with their children so that they can use the themes and issues that arise form their stories as a point of learning and discussion. Nancy Kanter is  Senior Vice President, Original Programming and General Manager of Disney Junior (the Disney TV channel for preschoolers and their families) This is her view;

It’s incredibly beneficial to be able to sit there and have a conversation with your child about something that they’ve just seen, answer questions, pairing up connections that there are in your own lives to what is on the television screen.  Those are, that’s really the way that kids learn from television.  It’s being able to see something on television and then have a discussion about it.  And so we make shows that are watchable for moms and dads, where they think you know I don’t mind watching this one with my kid.”

mickey mouse storytelling

Storytelling provides a great way in which to communicate as well as encouraging the almost uniqueability children possess to transportthemselves to fantasy worlds, takinglessons from one world and applying them to another

Disney is a fabulous storyteller. I have lovely memories of watching the jungle book sat on my dads knee, crying as snow white lay in her glass coffin, giggling  and fearful in 101 Dalmatians. Brilliant!

Far and away my favorite Disney film is Aladdin. I love the story of true love conquers all and being poor doesn’t mean you can’t be smart and savvy. and that kindness always wins the day (I would have freed the genie too.)

It’s a fab report into storytelling that you can read by following this link to dowmload Disney’s report into the art of storytelling

What your favourite Disney story?



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