The things you keep when the baby days are done

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I know I always advocate selling on things you are done with to avoid clutter and make a few pennies. But some things are very precious and need to be stored away carefully for memories days and grandma days.

My children have both started school now and I have begun to finally make some decisions about the mass of baby stuff I originally wanted to hold on to. The things I am definitely keeping hold of include the following….

That Favourite Book

We must have red Harry Goes to Bed over 100 times giggling as we lifted the flaps. Wonderful story and characters and the drawings are so gorgeous. I could never part with this.

Harry Goes to Bed (Funny Bunch)

Those first teeny tiny babygrows

They are just so perfect and they just take you right back don’t they? I am going to keep just one for each child and wonder for ever that they were once so tiny.

A Few Wooden Toys

There is something about their wooden toys that makes me just want to keep them forever. I think it’s because they are beautiful, worn but not worn out and there is something timeless about them. Keeping a few for the next generation was irresistible so in goes the wooden maracas an in goes the nodding duck on a stick


Tiny Handprints

Some early paintings just have to be kept. I have to hold on to an image of that tiny hand that would curl a fist around my finger. I have laminated these pictures to keep them safe.

The First Party Dress

It’s French tiny and absolutely classic. Worn just once or twice but so perfect.

First Shoes

My son’s first shoes were little, pale blue and with a car on and of course super sensible. I remember buying them too, feeling sad the baby days were over and yet so proud he was now a toddler. Each stage seems to have its share of loss and celebration.

Tiny Curls.

Both blonde and curly haired as babies my two have their first tiny locks wrapped up safe for who knows what, kept for posterity by a sentimental old mummy.

Teeny Weeny Tiny Tears

I received Tiny Tears on my fourth birthday I slept cuddling her till I was about 12. I told her everything. I never put her away till I went to uni. Mum sent her to the dolly hospital when Annalise was born and had her fixed up. She has played in the bath for the last few years but now she is no longer wanted. She is going nowhere! I will put her away carefully till I am a Grandma then do just as my mum did….she’s part of my family.

Teeny Tiny Tears Deluxe Set


What would you save from the baby days?


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