Profile of a Budgeting Mum: Sue Hayward

What’s your name?
I’m Sue Hayward – you can find me at
sue hayward
Any kids?
One gorgeous daughter
Do you work?
Yes. I’m a money journalist, broadcaster and author which means I’m lucky enough to get paid to chat and write on money matters so that’s everything from family friendly restaurants to savvy ways to save and how to take back faulty goods.
Why do you work?
I’ve always been brought up to work for my money and I do love my job. I’m very lucky being freelance so I can juggle my day if I need to collect my daughter from her drama club and get to school events even it it sometimes means being at my desk at six in the morning to research a feature I’ll do it.
What are your childcare arrangements?
My daughter’s at school now but I have a great circle of local ‘Mum’ friends who I can call if I’ve got to be in London early for work and equally they give me a shout if they need a hand.
How do you manage for money?
We’ve got a joint account to pay the bills and my husband and I each have our own account too. I’m a great believer in having ‘your own’ money as well as a shared pot as that way the bills are taken care of but you don’t have to feel guilty if you buy a new lipstick and equally if he wants to buy ‘boys toys’……..
Do you worry about money?
Hate to mention the word ‘pension’ but that’s probably the worry factor. Like everyone else I want to enjoy my life right now but if I don’t stick enough away I run the risk of eating beans on toast every day in my old age (though beans on toast is very nice!) so it’s a fine line between budgeting for the ‘here and now’ like next year’s holiday and sticking something away so our daughter won’t have us moving in with her once she leaves home!
What do you waste money on?
Eeeek well I’d hate to say ‘waste’ as they’re yummy but Starbucks is a bit of a weakness! Though you can save money asking for the ‘short’ size which they keep behind the counter! Saves 20p a cup (less calories too!) so I justify it with a savvy deal like that! Gorgeous shoes too but I’m a big eBayer (buying and selling) and probably half my shoes come from eBay. It amazes me how many people buy stuff they never use as all my bargains were brand new and boxed but well under half the shop price!
How do you make extra cash?
eBay! While it’s not as sociable as doing a car boot sales it’s so much easier and brings in quick cash. I had a purge decluttering the loft and have sold off everything from my daughter’s old baby monitors, travel cot and buggy to books, clothes and even a Disney Princess light shade that I bought for £5 in B&Q and sold for over £10 to a lady who wanted it sent to Australia!
Share 3 top budgeting tips –
1 – If you’re eating out hunt online for ‘2 for 1’ deals at places like Pizza Express and Cafe Rouge and you can even get a free Tastecard trial for a month which gives you up to 50% off at restaurants across the country. This way you can afford to eat out more often!
2 – Stick a note in your diary a month before any ‘deals’ expire. This way you’ve time to shop around for the best insurance, mobile phone, mortgage or credit card deal without renewing in a blind panic and paying over the odds!
3 – Swap your Tesco clubcard vouchers. We’ve done all the big theme parks over the last few years all courtesy of Tesco vouchers! Save them up and swap for four times their value on days out!
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