The Real Secret Book Review

I have always known money can’t buy happiness but I have sometimes stuggled with knowing how to get to happy when I feel blue.

I did read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne but being a person who believes you bring into being a lot of the good things in your life through what you do, not just by what you want,  it actually seemed a bit daft to me. I fully believe in positive thinking, focusing your energy and your mind on what you want and having faith. But if that’s all it took I know people I love who have died would still be here and I know for certain  my hubby would have loads of money and not be working!

Like the authors of The Real Secret  I don’t feel its helpful to tell people simply by wanting and believing they can and will have what they want. It’s just not true for a start and it’s hardly blooming pro-active!



So when I was asked to review the book The Real Secret I thought ‘Oh here we go again.’ This is, however, a VERY sensible, practical book. Refreshingly so, and yes actually it probably does contain some of the real secrets to having the best life you can. It isn’t rocket science, it’s about good habits, breathing well, eating moderately, poitiyvity and practicality but there are reasons why strands of such  advice have been around forever. These ideas work.

I love that the emphasis throughout the book is not on the universe but on you as the only possible agent of change, the only thing in your control. The very first chapter dealt with how to be happy and it sounded so simple I’ve been giving it a go.

The authours firmly believe by being happy you are more likely to be successful and satisfied in your life rather than the other way around. But how do you get to happy in the first place? Well, they tell us its all about habits… we are, after all, what we repeatedly do. so we need to develop good habits.

Here are their suggestions:

  • Keep smiling
  • Make a date for fun
  • Three good things (written down each day)
  • Spread a little happinesss

 Easy right?

Well I have committed myself to doing all 3 for the last week and you know what so far I am genuinely more upbeat and jolly and yep…happy! So far so good and so simple!

Other chapters deal with friends, money, relationships, fitness, weight, etc. all aspects of our life that can bring us worries. Each chapter is easy to read and suggest habits that it would be very helpful to form and simple ways to do it. Such an easy book to read and utterly do-able. I LOVE this book and I will reread it many times.  I really think it can make a difference.

The authors are a work life balance expert and coach and a socal psychologist. They are clearly well read but above all they are clear communicators able to take profound psycholoigical motivations and create simple steps to can achieve drastic change.  So clever.




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