Swatch Skin Review


I was so excited to be asked to do a Swatch skin review

I love nice watches and Swatch have always been one of my favourite brands. I love their innovations, the colours and patterns of these iconic watches and the fun element of a Swatch watch as well as the practicality.


The new Swatch Skin collection


Swatch Skin review


Last week I was invited to pop into the Swatch shop in Nottingham and have look at their new Skin collection. The Skin collection consists of 11 gorgeous watches. I was asked if I would like to pick one to review.


swatch skin review


All gorgeous.

SKIN marks the dawn of a new era for Swatch’s thinniest model line. Inspired by the thrill of the unknown, the beauty of movement and the anticipation of change, Swatch’s SKIN collection introduces eleven minimalist styles in two new case sizes for men and women. The new look achieves simple, easy-to-wear elegance…

They really are beautiful watches, so slim and so light and very wearable.

Oh how I ummed and ahhed they really were all so very lovely.

I was so torn between the gorgeous Skinciel



and the oh so very wearble Skinpure


After much pondering I opted for the Skinpure it is so very light and thin and white really does go with everything. I just adore this watch. You really don’t feel like you are wearing one.




The whole range is beautifully classic and yet really modern too.


swatch skin review


Prices range from £70-£85


Swatch skin review – final thoughts

I have barely taken the watch off since I got it. It’s great and you know what I really have fallen in lover with Swatch all over again. I really like their bold designs too and their kids range. There really is something for everyone!

I will definitely be back as I have my eye on a very cool monochrome watch that may just have to go on my birthday wishlist.




Do pop on over to Swatch to see their full range


I do hope you found my Swatch skin review useful  – you might also like my post on tips for being a stylish mom









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