The most hackable Christmas gifts and how to protect them

Intel Security has recently undertaken some enlightening research looking at the most hackable gifts this Christmas.

The research has revealed that unsurprisingly perhaps Smartphones and Tablets are the most vulnerable to security risks.

The PROBLEM is that these are by far the most popular items on the British public wish list with a quarter wishing to have one or the other (or both) for Christmas.

You need to shop smart this Christmas and consider the potential risks of buying the most popular tech gadgets this season.

In order to make sure Christmas is not ruined, you need to ensure you install security software such as  McAfee Live Safe or True Key to protect your personal data through simple things like password protection.

So what are the most hackable Christmas gifts? I think, like me, you will find some of the results really surprising. For example, I would never have worried about children’s gadgets or fitness trackers but it seems perhaps I should!

1. Smartphones and Tablets
2. Drones and Camera-enabled Devices
3. Children’s Gadgets
4. Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers

So how do we protect ourselves?

People may think they aren’t at risk of hackers breaking into such gadgets like a smartwatch or child’s gadget. However, the reality is that hackers can install malware on a computer that the device connects to, getting into a user’s mobile which contains personal data.

A few points to note from Intel Security:
• A lot of smart toys are controlled by a Bluetooth connection via a smartphone. Many devices have a Bluetooth pairing password with a default of 0000 or 1234, allowing attackers to pair with them and take control.

• Switch it off if you are not using it! Many smart toys are controlled by other devices, be that a smartphone or a tablet. Protecting all these devices means that all doors to hackers are closed.

• As mentioned above, make sure you have security software – it’s not as expensive as you may think and will back you up when you need it most.

• Teach kids about the risks. A third of 10 year old’s believe the Internet is safe wherever they use it, so having a conversation with them about safe practices online is really useful. Help kids keep themselves safe.

So do please keep safe this Christmas time and make sure any new devices you buy and enjoy are securely protected.


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