Quentin Blake’s A Christmas Carol

Quentin Blake’s A Christmas Carol

I absolutely adore the very talented Quentin Blake.

Instantly recognisable and so appealing his pictures are elegantly simple and full of life, quirky and heartwarming.  Oh to be able to draw like him. As Roald Dahl’s illustrator  he really knows a thing of two about making our most favourite characters real.

Now he has illustrated A Christmas Carol, Dickens fabulous story of Scrooge. As I am sure you can imagine is is absolutely delightful.

Quentin Blake's A Christmas Carol

Quentin Blake’s  A Christmas Carol is available from all good bookshops for £12.99.

I think it is one of those books your children will pass to their children…an absolute delight. This is the work of ian llustrator who will stand the test of time and appeal to children always. His art is quirky, simple and fun and completely captures the character of whoever he is portraying.

I think he is the most wonderful of artisits.



What a lovely way to get your kids reading the classic (or even just a lovely treat for yourself.)




What a lovely way to usher in advent with a new book.

*Stop press*

Buy Quentin Blake’s a Christmas Carol  currently just £6.99 on Amazon!!!

Just the most lovely idea for a Christmas gift for a child


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