How Your Smartphone Can Make Your Life As A Mum Easier

Today – How Your Smartphone Can Make Your Life As A Mum Easier


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Having a baby is expensive and time consuming. That’s no secret.

What is less well known is that there are so many ways that you can save money and time by using your smartphone when buying baby stuff. Looking for deals used to be like working a full time job.

These days, apps and sites make it so much easier and faster to save money buying the things we need for our babies and kids. When you are busy, saving time and money at the same time is a real lifesaver. From baby budgeting to shopping, there are so many ways to use your phone to make your life easier.


How Your Smartphone Can Make Your Life As A Mum Easier

below, I will go over several ways that using your phone can help you when it comes to raising your family.


Use coupon apps

It is easier than ever to do couponing thanks to our smartphones. Instead of clipping coupons out of a weekly flyer, you can have coupons and deals sent right to your phone.

Even easier are receipt scanning apps where you get cash back on things you were already buying anyway. At the end of the month, you can see not only significant savings but also get money back, too.




Upcycling is just a fancy word for hand me downs for the high technology age. What it is, is just getting slightly used gear from other people. Whether you know them or not.

Now there are apps on your phone and websites that make it easier to find the things you need for very cheap. Kids clothes get outgrown so fast that many times it hardly gets worn. A lot of kids’ clothes are like new and can be upcycled to people that need it and don’t want to spend loads of money.

Using your phone can make the process much easier than just taking in other people’s old stuff. You can zero in on exactly what you need.



Join groups

Between Facebook, Reddit and other sites, there are groups that can help mums immensely.

Now, these apps can also waste a lot of time, too. You have to be careful to not let yourself get dragged into internet drama, of course.

When used as a tool, these groups can be there to help with advice and even just a sympathetic ear to let you rant. They can be there for you when you need information and also for other things like recommendations.

You may even find people online that live in your area that you can lean on for things like babysitting and ridesharing and other things you may need help with.



There was a time before cell phones and mums did fine without them. But, using every tool you have available is a smart way to go. You can bet that if our grandmothers had cell phones they would have used them too!

Use it as a tool and they can be useful. Be careful to not fall into the trap of relying too heavily on our phones and not taking time to live in the moment, however.


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