The most affordable family vehicles for 2012

Are you looking for the perfect vehicle for your family? Or maybe you are looking to sell your car with Auto Trader and use any money left over to buy a brand new car?  Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, there’s no need to worry. You can find the right type of vehicle at an affordable price.

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Here are the most affordable family vehicles for 2012:

1.       Ford Fusion. 

One of the most affordable and midsize cars for this year is the Ford Fusion. It is a multi-awarded midsize car because of its fuel efficiency and its special feature known as “MyKey.” “MyKey” serves as a handy tool especially for parents who worry about their kids’ safety. It basically allows them to limit the speed of the car and also limit the volume of the car stereo. It is also recognized for its safety features. The Ford Fusion is also a perfect vehicle for teenagers because of its special features.

2.       Honda CR-V.

If you want a bigger family vehicle, why not go for Honda’s CR-V. In fact, it has been recently awarded as the most affordable compact SUV. If your family is fond of traveling, this type of vehicle is ideal for you because it has a huge space for your cargo. You can bring in as many people and as many luggage you can. Honda’s CR-V also comes with a voice-activated navigation system so there’s no need for you to worry about getting lost when you drive to your chosen destination.

3.       Honda Odyssey. 

For larger families, a minivan would be perfect for your needs. Honda’s Odyssey is the best minivan in the market today. With its large seating capacity and storage, you can bring all your family members anytime, anywhere. It can definitely give you and your family members a comfortable ride. The minivan also comes with a marvelous entertainment system so that you won’t get easily bored when going on a long trip. It also has automatic doors which are convenient for families. Another good feature of this minivan is that it is fuel efficient so you won’t have to spend much money on fuel costs.

4.       Kia Sorento 2012.

This vehicle can keep more than six passengers, making it a good vehicle for families. The latest model costs as low as $21,000. Kia Sorento is also a very comfortable vehicle. Not only that, it has a good gas mileage too so you can definitely save more money on fuel.


5.       Mitsubishi Outlander

This vehicle also has a maximum seating capacity for seven persons. It is powered by a 2.4L four-cylinder engine which enables it to have a continuous variable transmission. One of the most affordable cars, the Outlander is also fuel efficient.

6.       Toyota RAV4.

For smaller families, the Toyota RAV4 is also a good choice. Aside from its affordable price, which is pegged at around $24,000, this vehicle is also known for its fuel efficiency. It is basically a midsize crossover without a standard third row seat. However, if you want to purchase this vehicle, you can add on a third row seat.

These are just some of the most affordable family vehicles for 2012. So take your pick and enjoy traveling with your family!
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