Profile of a budgeting mum: Jo Coles AKA Devon Mummy

What’s your name? Jo AKA Devon Mummy

Any kids? One daughter, aged 16 months

Do you work? Yes, part time from home

If so what do you do? I returned from Maternity Leave to my job at a large corporate company but soon realised that I wanted something else from life. I decided to become self employed and now have various income streams! I am an Independent Trader selling Phoenix Trading cards and stationery, a Guimigem rep (selling teething necklaces) plus I sometimes get paid for sponsored posts on my blog.

phoenix trading cards


Why do you work? Partly for a bit of money, but mainly because I love it! My days are so varied and I get to meet lots of lovely people!

What are your childcare arrangements? My daughter spends one day per week at nursery and 1 day with her Grandma. I have her 3 days in the week and am able to work while she naps or when she has gone to bed.

How do you manage for money? Ok! We could always use a little more but have learnt to budget and spend sensibly.

Do you worry about money? Not often. We made a conscious decision to cut our income to give us more quality family time. We have a savings buffer which helps.

What do you waste money on? Eating out and books for my Kindle!

How do you make extra cash? Ebay, Amazon Marketplace, selling at car boot sales or the NCT Nearly New Sale.

Please share 3 top budgeting tips – 1) Always shop around – put any product into Google and see the range of prices its being sold for. Never buy from the first place you find!

2) Use meal plans and shopping lists to cut your grocery bills

3) Fun doesn’t have to be expensive! A trip to the library, local park or just playing in the garden are my daughters favourite ways to pass the time and they are all free!


Where can we find you online?

My Blog:


Phoenix Trading


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