The Making of Wonderbook: Book of Spells for the PS3 (It’s amazing!)

Wow. Wow. Wow!

Wonderbook: Book of spells will be launching 16th November and it’s sure to be a MASSIVE hit this Christmas with Harry Potter fans (there is a fair few of them about !)

Written by Miranda Goshawk (Harry Potter) over 200 years ago, Book of Spells can be found in the Hogwarts library and enables kids to practice various spells on their journey to become an accomplished wizard or witch – think 3D dragons, fire, spells, scorpions, sandstorms etc!

This PS3 game is going to bring it totally to life and bring a love of technology and a love of literature together. I’m for any thing that encourages reading and this is definitely a game for the whole family so it encourages togetherness too.

Book of Spells from J.K. Rowling, is the first title to use the innovative new PlayStation®3 peripheral, and the latest augmented reality technology to bring books to life in front of your  eyes , Its like eye pet but WAY more advanced. Take a look at this…..


We are off to a launch event for this game in a few weeks (how lucky are my kids!) so I will come back and tell you more about it then when we have tried it out!


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