Taylors of Harrogate, great coffee and luxury for less

Great Coffee

There is not much luxury to be had in life for £3.99. It wouldn’t even buy you much of a box of chocolates, certainly not a bunch of flowers but it will buy you some wonderful coffee. 24 cups of it actually!

I love coffee. Let me explain.


Why I love coffee

Coffee gets me up in the morning , it fuels me when I am tired, its lovely after a meal or when having a great chat with Friends. Coffee is a good friend to me . Now cafes are expensive and a nice coffee can set you back a couple of £’s. So I’m all about drinking nice coffee at home and making it yourself. OOh yes, especially atasty cappuccino

Being invited to visit Taylors of Harrogate was a really lovely thing for me to do. Let me tell you about my day. First of all their were some delightful Betty cakes and coffee waiting  for us on arrival that made my mouth water. Good coffee and scrummy cakes in a fabulous combination

taloors of harrogate

After a good catch up with some old and some new bloggy friends  Emily, Taylors coffee expert, gave us the low down on how coffee is made. It is long and complicated and I would never recount it correctly but it is amazing how much is involved in order to make fresh tasting fabulous coffee. We heard tales of pirates and laser beams shooting bad coffee beans and cherries and all sorts! Very exciting. Then we got to do some coffee tasting.


How to taste coffee

In order to tasre coffee properly you have to give it a REALLY BIG slurp off a spoon then a spit. Emily was a magnificent coffee taster, I just got the giggles. I could not make a noisy slurp for love nor money.  These other bloggers as you can see were having a great try!

 Here are Kate, Amanda Katie and Sally taking it all very seriously (ahem!)

After too much coffee we were all a bit buzzy so went out to the greenhouse to see some growing. It’s such an interesting space and funny to see how something we take so much for granted comes into being.

Later Emily showed us how make a perfect cafetiere. Away with the coffee snobbery she declared simply pop in the coffee, pour on the water, stir it up, comeback 4 mins later, plunge and that’s it. I really like Emily – she took all the mystique away! I now feel very confident about my cafetiere making skills.

I love that despite being seen as  a luxury brand Taylors of Harrogate are not at all snooty about their coffee.They want everyone to enjoy it and feel confident making it. They have  n ethically stance on coffee  too and ensure their workers are paid and treated fairly.


A good idea

In order to help more people enjoy coffee Taylors of Harrogate have come up with a simply stupendous idea.  They have put together four of their best coffees in exactly the right measures to use in an 8 cup cafetiere,  sealed them  and popped them in a box for you to use. This means you can’t get your measuring wrong, you don’t have to seal them , freeze then or rush to use them up.

One sachet does one pot. Job done. Simple and clever and take a lots of the worry away form making good coffee.

This rich roast  selection includes a pack of Rich Italian, Hot Lava Java, Café Brasilia and After Dark.

Each pack is 45g – the perfect amount for an 8-cup cafetiere and foil packed for freshness. So far I like Cafe Brasilia best but I am enjoying the opportunity of trying a few without having had to buy for bigger boxes. Their coffee’s sell everywhere but Taylors of Harrogate  do have an online shop which houses their full range.

Great Cofffee – A little bit of luxury I can afford.


Have a peek here to discover the journey of a coffee bean





  1. October 25, 2012 / 9:07 pm

    I wish I could’ve made it last week, but they did send me some lovely coffee to try out. Looks like you all had a great time though. xx
    Emma @mummymummymum recently posted..Crossing the line…My Profile

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