The Maclaren Volo buggy – a review

Oh blimey...I just dropped my lolly in my sandy bucket...might cry any second now!

We have just come back from a holiday at the Yorkshire seaside and my 3 year old wore her little legs out going up and down cliffs, wading through rock pools and running alomg the long sandy beaches.  She needed a ride and a sit down every  once in a while despite considering herself a ‘ BIG GIRL.’  We were trying out the Maclaren Volo on this trip and it got well used.

In terms of packing it is a perfect holiday buggy, Light as a feather – seriously it weighs only 8.8lb! It also takes up no room in the car and can easily be slung over your shoulder. It comes with a nifty carry strap. It is super easy to put up and down (see here for a demonstration of how to open/close the buggy)  Truly – brilliant if you use public transport of any kind.

Lise said it was comfy, she loved the bright red colour and was very happy with the harness. 

The fabric is easy to clean, the shopping basket is large and it comes with a rain cover and a water resistant hood. Yes you can buy cheaper. This retails at £80. I have bought cheaper in the past I once spent £30 on a buggy  and honestly it drove me mad it was so hard to manoeuvere. This buggy moves easily  and swivels really well.

It is suitable from 6 months and was fine for my 30lb 3 year old. It has only one position but it is what it is:  a simple, light weight, really efficient little buggy. It comes in tons of colours (check out the Maclaren store)  and I think it is  a fab little buggy that is just right for a slightly older child and perfect for a holiday or for those on the go!


It comes with a lifetime warranty.


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