Being a good friend and 80 fabulous scarecrows


George and the Dragon

Fabulous scarecrows

Oh I have just seen the most fabulous scarecrows

Last Sunday I was feeling a bit skint and uninspired. A trip to the park loomed, as it often does …fun for the kids but a bit same old, same old.

Then I got this email from my good friend Naomi’s enthusiastic, energetic, lovely mum.  Here’s what she had to say ….

If you are looking for somewhere special that will only cost some petrol and a £1 for a programme with a quiz, go to Hickling Scarecrow Weekend today and tomorrow. The children will love it as much as adults. . Just thought you might like to know about it. Regards, Jacky

Well  that was good enough recommmendation for me. We jumped in the car and sped off to Hicklings scarecrow weeeknd just 20 mins away!

Just look how fab it was, 

fabulous scarecrows

Scooby and Shaggy Scarecrow

 The theme for the weekend was heroes, lots of people had got involved and made a scarecrow for their garden and there was over 80 to be seen!  

My children adored it…it was rather eccentric, hugely English and brilliant fun. How good of Jacky to bother to let us know. It made a HUGE difference to our Sunday, cost nothing and DELIGHTED my children. We were there for hours.

My favourite heroine…Emmeline Pankhurst

Jacky has done this before; shared information about free concerts and events and local goings on, and not just with me. She casts her emails out to all interested parties! Jacky has a huge sense of family, friends and community and shares what she knows with a real desire to see other people have fun, save money and enjoy whats on offer. Taking the time to share good tips can really make a difference to others. I think if we were all a bit more like Jacky we would all be a bit richer (and not just financially!)

kangaroo scarecrow


Thank you Jacky Arnold – we had a top trip out because of YOU thinking of others and sharing what you know. You are an inspiration….and next year I may make a scarecrow in your image!

If you know a bargain, a good idea, a special offer or a free event…. do share the good news!



What do you think of these fabulous scarecrows? You might like my post on how to make a scarecrow too



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