Comping – how to win lots of prizes

Thanks to super lucky Di Coke for this fab guest post on comping how to win lots of prizes

Comping - how to win lots of prizes


Comping how to win lots of prizes

I’m one of those folk often referred to as a ‘professional’ comper, having won more than £100,000 worth of prizes since 1997. Indeed, my maternity leave ends this week and I’m not going back to work – I intend to try my hardest to ‘win my wage’, in the form of cash, holidays, baby things, vouchers and whatever other prizes I’m lucky enough to win… it’s my own way of ‘baby budgeting’!

Being a new mum is a great opportunity to try out the world of comping. If you’re breastfeeding, have your phone handy so you can enter Twitter and Facebook competitions whilst nursing. If you’re new to social media, start by searching for baby brands like Nuby, MacLaren, Weleda Baby, Mothercare, Babi Pur, Baba Me and V-Tech, then ‘follow’ on Twitter or ‘Like’ their Facebook pages to get details of their regular competitions. You’ll also find lots of great giveaways on mummy blogs like this one, and make sure you go to baby shows as most of the exhibitors will be running some form of prize draw.

Whilst in the supermarket, scan the shelves for on-pack promotions and buy different brands if they have a competition on. Often, promoters will run 24 hour competitions with online or text entry – if you’re up with baby during the night, leave your laptop or phone handy so you can email or text your ‘unique code’ at 3am (you’ll have a much better chance of winning!) If you get freebie newspapers and magazines delivered, always flick through to look for comps – they get very few entries.

Listen to local radio whilst you’re at home during the day – breakfast and drivetime shows on Heart, Smooth and Gold often give away cash or vouchers. Have your mobile handy and hover over the redial button as soon as they mention the competition – you’ll be surprised at how few people phone up! TV gameshows are also an excellent way to win money, although babysitting is an issue as you’ll need to attend an audition and also spend at least a day filming (the production company will pay for your travel, food and accommodation though). Again, you’d be amazed at how few people apply for these, and there’s always demand for women and mums to apply – I’ve been on eight shows since 2007!

Comping is a fantastic hobby, the only problem is that there’s too many competitions and too little time, so you need to concentrate on the prizes you really want to win. For more inspiration and some comps to get you started, visit my blog at


Comping how to win lots of prizes – do you comp? Has this encouraged you to do it a little bit more? You might also like Di’s post on prizewinning tips for parents


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