Hipp Organic Rice cakes

Hipp Organic Ricecakes


Hipp Organic Apple rice cakes are my kids all time favourite supper choice and have been for ages. I am as anxious  if I run out as much as if I had run out of milk . They are a huge hit in our house. I love them too because of their fab ingrediaents and little kid ‘friendliness’ They are

  • Gluten free
  • No added sugar/salt
  • No added milk
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • No articfical colours
  • Easy to hold
  • great for all the family

Suitable from 7 months too they are just your perfect little kid snack! The little nibbles range of ricecakes is great as they are prepared using organic ingredients and they taste great. We have had apple and the blueberry ones before but in the selection we were sent were some savoury options.

Loook what i have just done to my brothers lego!!

 New to us were organic carrot and punpkin rice cakes  which the kids really liked  and organic tomato and sweet red pepper which they loved. I was pretty surprised by this, but delighted too. Adds some varety to supper in our house! There are lots of other sorts of snacks in the little nibbles range fromm Hipp Organic well worth a look.

Good Value?

The ricecakes real at about £1 for a 40g bag which I think is excllent . Be sure to seal them airtight as they can go stale if not sealed.

Baby club   I would recommend joining their babyclub: http://www.hippbabyclub.co.uk On joining they send out a package of samples that is really quite generous.


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