The Benefits of Eating Outside

The benefits of eating outside are many.

I am so, so happy we can eat out again.

To me eating out is one of the greatest pleasures there is. I sorely missed eating out during lockdown.

What do I like about it? Well the food ( obviously) I am not a very good cook but I am an excellent foodie and I love nothing more than trying out a new restaurant.

I love to gift meals out for special occasions too – experiences are often nicer than things aren’t they?

My friends are all going to get SquareMeal gift vouchers off me this year as birthday and Christmas gifts. I so want to support our food industry and encourage them to get out and about eating well and having fun together.

You can keep up to date with the Covid related restaurant rules here


What is a Squaremeal gift voucher?

Have you heard of Squaremeal?

Squaremeal vouchers can be redeemed in over 40 restaurants and bar. I love this flexibility it means the receiver t can choose to spend it wherever takes their fancy and your gift is not prescriptive.

What else does Squaremeal offer?

Squaremeal is far more than just a gift voucher site though. It’s website is  packed absolutely full with reviews.  You can  best restaurant in your local area or an area you are visiting or you can look at their best lists depending on type of cuisine. Squaremeal  review thousands of restaurants every year so that they  can recommend the best restaurants for you.

We are off to London soon and I wasn’t at all sure where to eat and yet on Squaremeal I have found  a guide to the top 100 restaurants in London – how useful is that!

We are also planning a to to Edinburgh this year – now my daughter is a vegan and it can be REALLY super tricky to find good places for her to eat. I could not believe my luck when I found a list on the site for plant based restaurants in Edinburgh

Just perfect!

So, not only can you look up restaurants in specific area s you can also read reviews on then click through to book. How awesome.

Anyways back to eating outside let me tell you why I think it is so fab.


The Benefits of Eating Outside



The benefits of eating outside

For now to be super safe when we do eat out we are eating outdoors and keeping our distance from people around us, I have found this MUCH easier to do when outside rather than inside.

Not only do I feel it is safer to be eating outside still  as you can keep your distance the fresh air is also a protected factor. I always lie to sit out to eat. I like to sit out on a sunny day or a cool evening with patio heaters on. I like watching people wander by too, I think it fun – people watching is brilliant isn’t it!

And, when you sit outside to eat there is always a bit of a party atmosphere I find, a truly more relaxed vibe  that reminds you of being on your holidays.

Kids can be hard to encourage to eat new foods but I find they love eating outdoors and it’s a great way to get them to try.

So many benefits to eating out!




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