Cute Baby Boys Clothes

I have always really loved to dress myself well and fashion is a strong interest of mine so putting my son in cute baby boy clothes was something I was obviously going to do.

I was shocked when I had my son though, I have to tell you at how all the little baby boys seemed to be  dressed the same. They all seemed to be in in the same blue or neutral onesies and there wasn’t a cute outfit to be seen.

My friends who had little baby  girls had so much more choice when it came to buying them trendy clothes and they all looked uber stylish. For my son though I had to shop around to get a trendy baby boys wardrobe it really wasn’t quite as easy for me as it was for the baby girl mamas.

But I persisted!

This whole collection of baby boy clothing over at Nixon’s Closet is one to sigh over. It is a wonderful sight for a trendy mama of a baby boy and I have picked out a few of my favourites to show you  because I am pretty sure that they will make you swoon too.

Cute Baby Boys Clothes

So my pick of these lovely and super cute baby boys clothes has to begin with this retro cotton Hey ma jumpsuit.  It looks like something straight out of the 1950’s doesn’t it. Completely adorable.


Cute Baby Boys Clothes



Graphic tops and tees are items I adore and this babe sweater is just darling




I’d got  for the monochrome because of the versatility of it being able to be worn with anything.


And how about this dino zippy jumpsuit. It’s such a bit of fun isn’t it! and you know it would work for Halloween too so you didn’t need to buy an extra outfit. It looks so very cosy too



This next outfit is my fave though by an absolute mile. I am a big fan of unisex clothing it is so great to pass on if you follow your boy with a girl or vice versa. It’s always stylish too to dress in monochrome and this is just CUTE as good be.

I love the little leggings and the graphic tee – so sweet.




Now I could really go on showing you outfits all day.

These clothes just make me smile so much.


Dungarees are my absolutely most favourite item of clothing in the entire universe and these were the most lovely colour. I’m not entirely sure how practical white would be though are you or the beige?

So there you go a little showcase of some lovey baby boys clothes.

Which outfit do you like best?


Cute Baby Boys Clothes is a collaborative post 



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