Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids

I am always on the hunt for eco-friendly gifts for kids. I love to think I am getting them a gift that will either help them connect with nature, get them out into the great outdoors and generally helping out the planet in some way.

Dryer balls are not going to cut it for the kids  though so  you might be mistaken for thinking you are going to have to search high and lo for some eco-inspo.

This is not the case though,there are some lovely  ideas for eco-friendly gifts for kids over at Wicked Uncle.

Let me show you ….


Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids


A caterpillar greenhouse


This  caterpillar set includes a 40cm plastic greenhouse in the shape of a cute caterpillar.

It comes with all a child needs to  grow basil, bell peppers and tomatoes. It Includes a useful guide with growing instructions as well as a great pizza recipe for kids to eat what they sow.

A great introduction to the pleasures of growing your own food.


A  Jumbo Kite

Kites last for years and years and can be passed down through generations. They are a brilliant way to get kids outside, soaking up nature and fresh air and getting some exercise too. This is why Jumbo Kites make awesome eco-friendly gifts for kids.

I love how big bright and colourful this one is as wall as the massive tentacles!



Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids



It is a huge 4 metres from end to end it has a sturdy handle, super long line and own storage bag t- so it is easy to look after and keep hold off.

Eco-friendly gifts are ones that last.


Hide and Seek Periscope

I used to love playing hide and seek when I was young and oh my! this would have been just absolutely perfect This 30cm long periscope enables kids to peer over walls or from behind trees without being seen. How fun is that? Plus, it enables kids  to peek into usually inaccessible bird and rabbit holes.

It encourages outdoor, mindful play and helps kids explore nature.

It has other eco-friendly qualities too, it is also made of sustainable bamboo and plant plastic which is great news for planet earth!


Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids


Solar recycler kit

Build it crafts for kids are ever popular but do tend to be full of plastic.

This solar recycler kit though has seriously worked out how to be avoid that by running on things from the recycling bin. It comes with various kit parts including a solar panel, motor and instructions.

Kids can recycle a a drinking can to create an impressive Walking Robot with googly eyes or make a twin-can Street Roller.With water bottles they could build a Bottle Yacht, Drumming Robot and Flying Bird and more – 6 projects a in all – all powered by the sun.

A brilliant set to really teach kids about the amazing power of solar energy.


Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids


Window bird feeder

Last but not least, bird loving kids will adore this super clever  one-way mirror bird feeder that allows them to observe birds without disturbing them. It comes with a guide by naturalist Nick Baker to help identify common garden birds too.

Just fabulous – a chance to get really close to nature.



Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids


So a gorgeous collection of Eco-Friendly gifts for kids who love nature or just need to get outside a bit more.


Eco-Friendly Gifts for kids is a collaborative post


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