Taking care of the garden at the summers’ end

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Can you believe it?…I’ve already seen falling leaves and  August isn’t even out yet. We have to start thinking autumn lawn care now as  September is coming fast…..

Leave it!

Get the kids picking up leaves. If they are little hands will do or a besom broom if they are a bit bigger. Unless you get the leaves up your grass will struggle to survive. At least once a week it needs to be cleared.

Let the water in

By pronging the top few inches of soil with a fork you make space for air and water to get down into the lawn. This relieves the packed-down effect created by pathway walking or children’s feet playing and also aerates the soil

These may not seem fun jobs but they are so important or next spring your lawn will truly look rubbish!

Other important tips for the end of summer garden jobs are to ensure the sandpit is covered and cleaned out. The toys are cleaned free of dirt and cleaned and stored away. Plants are tidied up and nothing is left out now. You may even want to think about taking in or covering the garden furniture. All these things are free, environmentally sound and ensure the good things you have last longer and your children have a fab garden for next summer.

It’s nearly time for hot chocolate, crafting, blankets by the fire, Halloween parties, harvests, back to school and thick warm tights.

Blimey, where does the summer go?

Brother and sister


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