Buying a Family Friendly Franchise (SAHM) – loads of contact details/info

A Family Friendly Franchise

Family friendly franchises abound and are perfect for SAHM (stay at home mums) It can be a popular and lucrative option among stay-at-home  parents to buy a baby-related franchise. I bought a Tiny Talk baby-signing franchise when my son was just nine months’ old. I had rung to book Frankie and myself into our local class only to find out that the classes were all full and that the franchise was soon to be sold. I am experienced at signing, a confident singer and used to training groups and so immediately thought, ‘Oh, this could be for me!’ I was interviewed and approved, then trained by the company, set up with equipment and lesson plans and then you’re off and running.

Running my own franchise was interesting and I earned a good income. There were over 100 mums (and one or two dads) out there running Tiny Talk franchises; we would chat online or at regional and national conferences, it was a real community of support. I was able to take my son along to the classes I taught and I met lots of other local mums and their babies who have remained friends. I only worked one morning a week baby signing, yet I made enough money to keep my car on the road and pay for all my son’s activities. What’s more, it integrated me into our local community and I was able to contribute financially. When I sold up due to baby number two, I made a healthy profit. Plus, I got a great maternity allowance as a result of my very part-time working (this only happens if you pay your voluntary national insurance contributions, though).

a family frinedly franchise

During that time, I built up new skills in running a business and these will stand me in good stead when I eventually venture back out into the workplace. Running my own baby business made me feel stimulated, proud and balanced.

There’s a whole family of baby- and children-linked franchises – Tumble Tots, Jo Jingles and Socatots, to name a few – so ponder a while, it could be perfect for your current lifestyle. I worked at my franchise for three years and I loved it.


If you want to earn money in a way that fits with being a full-time parent then buying and running a franchise could work for you. Most websites have contact details where you can express an interest in the franchise, along with FAQs.


Jo Jingles

Music classes for babies and pre-schoolers.

01494 778989


Monkey Music

Music and percussion classes for under-fi ves.

01582 766464


Musical Minis

Fun music group for babies and toddlers.

020 8868 0001



Football coaching programme for under-fi ves.

0113 244 2005



Baby signing classes.

01483 301444


Tumble Tots

Baby and toddler gymnastics.

0121 585 7003



Fun, creative yoga classes for kids aged two to seven.

For all the information you could possibly want about franchises on one site with lots of tips, ideas and franchise opportunities, check out


P>S I hvae not been paid by TinyTalk or approached by them to sing their praises they just are a fab company to work for.



  1. August 23, 2010 / 9:37 pm

    It’s always nice to read a positive story of buying a franchise as this can be a good way to get started in business. Great point about the maternity pay, too!

    Thanks for joining in the blog carnival :0)

  2. December 14, 2016 / 4:46 pm

    Look like some great franchises. They can be a good way to make money on the side. Thanks for sharing!

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