Fun and Interactive Sun Safety Resources to Educate Kids

Sun Safety Resources

We are a family of sun lovers ..all of us feel so much happier in the sunshine and cannot wait to get outside the minute it shows it’s face. I have however had family members who have had skin cancer in the past and so I am very conscious of sun safety.

On  6th June, Boots Soltan Sun Ready launched the brand new Soltan Sun Ready Challenge app, a fun and interactive way to learn about sun safety.

Kids love tech and this is such a great way to engage with them around this oh so important issue.

Sun safety is a  hot topic at my child’s school (‘scuse the pun) and as summer approaches reminders re hats, water and sunscreen come home regularly. Rather than just reminding parents though it’s really important that children are directly educated around this so they can take some personal responsibility for it ., Boots Soltan Sun Ready has developed the Soltan Sun Ready Challenge app to support parents and teachers when encouraging primary school pupils to protect their skin and stay safe in the summer sun.

It is available on the App Store and Google Play and it uses augmented reality, videos and interactive challenges to bring the topic of sun safety to life.Kids will love this and one of the challenges is to go and snap sunglasses a bottle of water etc to show you have sun safety essentials nearby. My kids loved this and thought it was great fun!  The app consolidates pupils’ learning about sun safety while encouraging outdoors activity and a spirit of exploration.

The app enables kids can complete a series of five challenges, including wacky selfies, puzzles and games, all while learning how to stay safe in the sun.

Clare O’Connor, Boots’ skincare innovation expert, said:

“I am delighted that Boots Soltan Sun Ready has launched such an innovative way to get children involved with sun protection and skin care. The app provides an interactive and fun way of learning how to stay safe in the sun, and the importance of protecting your skin even when the weather is overcast. I am confident that this will be the perfect learning tool for both teachers and parents to share with children.”

Boots Soltan Sun Ready app is specially designed to support parents and teachers of primary school-age children during sun safety education. All the resources are free, curriculum-linked and suitable for use across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 for Science, PSHE, English and Geography there are also secondary school resources. The instructions for teachers are really clear and they have just made it so easy for them to teach sun safety.

If you go on the website there are ideas for school assemblies, how to incorporate sun safety in to sports day and so much more. Absolutely brilliant!

I love this initiative it is forward thinking and accessible and I would love you to pass this on to your child’s teacher as a recommendation,.

Have a look here for more information on the  Soltan Sun Ready Challenge app






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