Sun Safety Tips for Little Ones

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A few weeks ago (still in March) it was a bright sunny day but beacuse it was still early spring I head out for a walk at our local nature reserve with little more than my little girl, water, raisins and a portapotty. We both came back a bit pink. Not from over exertion,  we only ever amble-ramble. No the sun was hot and we were pink from the sun. I should definately have used some protection. Despite only being Spring the sun can be deceptive and little ones need to be protected. 

The last few days have bneen glorious. I learned my lesson and have been protecting her skin properly this time. Yes, it is time to start thinking sun protection and remembering the top tips for safety in the sun

1. Cover up

2. Stay put of the midday sun

3.  Drink lots of water

4, Use a good sunscreen and reapply as required

5. Wear a hat

I’m sure you can think of some more?

 I’ve jyust been introduced to this new range of suncream and sent a sample.  Just launched in March 2011. exclusively at Boots. 

Nivea suncare

NEW NIVEA SUN Kids Pure & Sensitive is designed to help keep sensitive souls protected in the sun… 100% free from perfume, colourants and preservatives it  helps to reduce the risk of skin allergies and especially developed for kids’ sensitive skin. My daughter gets a little eczema and has  scarring from a graft so her skin is partuicularly sensitive. This sounds ideal for her as the formula is dermatologically approved and hypo-allergenic too.

 Produced only in the very high protection of SPF 50+ and offering immediate protection unique to NIVEA SUN this is an extra gentle formula and it went on beautifully. She was in a nd out of our pool all weekend (paddling pool that is!) and I didn’t need to worry as this cream   very water resistant formula to help keep kids sensitive skin protected even in the swimming pool. 

It is available in both lotion and spray format which is great, My daughetr hates being lathered in lotion so sprays work really well for her. She gets a lot less stressed and wriggly. 

Nivea suncare

NEW NIVEA SUN Kids Pure & Sensitive is billed as keeping precious skin protected in the purest way possible…it worked really well for us!

 NIVEA SUN Kids Pure & Sensitive Sun Lotion and Sun Spray SPF 50 RRP £16.84Nivea suncare

You can find out lots more information about the suncare range at Nivea


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