L.O.L Surprise Dolls

Have you heard of L.O.L surprise dolls?

I have to tell you I just completely LOVE them and so did my daughter. Let me show you what they are:

We made a beautiful video of Lise unwrapping hers and somehow or other I bodged the uploading and lost it. Aggh to technology!

Needless to say she really had fun unwrapping her surprise doll and all the accessories that went with her.

You get a little surprise in each of the layers


and there are so mnay different dolls to collect. These retail at £7.99

These L.O.L dolls took the US by storm, arrived in the UK and sold out in a matter of weeks! They realy are the  ultimate unboxing toy, there are seven layers of surprises to unwrap, including emoji stickers, accessories and finally a L.O.L Surprise! Doll. With over 45 combinations to collect, from Rockers, Merbabies, each comes complete with its own water feature, bathtub, doll stand and hangout, all doubling up as a purse.

My daughter loved these so much she has popped another on her birthday wish list

If you hop on over to LOL surprise you can find out much more about all the dolls you can collect.




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  1. June 19, 2017 / 10:26 am

    Oh my daughter absolutely loves these, they are so cute aren’t they and it is so exciting to unwrap all of the layers.

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