Storage Space and Kids!

So unless you live in a HUGE house I am guessing having kids has made you think about additional storage space. Along with kids comes all the paraphenalia doesn’t it? I don’t know about you but my house had never had to accomodate these things before …



moses baskets







stair gates



a whole new wardrobe, etc

Yes – the strain of a small baby on storage is immense but oh my goodness it gets even worse as they get bigger. Football kit and boots and ball, cubs uniforms, ballet outfits, swimming woggles and goggles, school uniform, more toys, all the things they have made, art work ad lunch boxes and STUFF just take over your home.

You definitely need great storage when you have kids.

My advice is……

you can’t make your home bigger but you can declutter and store.

Not everything has to be kept (take pictures of art work/models  for example and throw away broken toys) But everything that is  kept needs a place if you aren’t going to live in chaos.

Make room in your loft for toys to live that can be swapped every few months e.g cuddly toys or  board games. Also items like highchairs can be stored here when no longer required. If you don’t have a loft does someone you know have some garage space  you could use?

Drawers that pop under children’s beds are a great idea,  they can store Lego  or cuddly toys. Do  try and have lids for those as it can get a bit dusty under there!

It is also a good idea to  have a shoe rack in your hall. This will encourage dirty shoes to be taken off which not only keep your floor clean it also keeps them out the way and ensures they can always be found again the next day.


Toy buckets that are easy to scoop toys in to are essential and set drawers for set clothes helps me immensly.

I still live in messy chaos much of the time however ! STUFF escapes its storage regularly!


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