Famous sofas from great movies

A bit of fun with today’s guest post….

Cinema and the sofa have a long history together. After all, so many great movie performances begin on the casting couch. However, what about the sofas that make it out of the dressing rooms and on to the big screen? Which sofas have made it into our collective conscious and become part of cinema pop culture?

The killer sofa

In every Bond film there is that little bit where the gadget whiz Q shows off a few of his new inventions to a curios Bond. In 1987’s The Living Daylights one of his new ideas is a killer sofa that swallows any unfortunate sitter, whole. Presumably before doing something nasty to them. If a sofa can do this, imagine what a set of dining chairs could do.

Analyse This

Billy Crystal plays the shrink to Robert De Niro’s demented but confused mafia boss. Needless to say there are some interesting and unconventional therapy sessions that take place on the psychiatrist’s couch. Crystal’s character spends the whole film trying not to get killed as the manic De Niro tries to work through his complex emotional issues.


When we’re little our teddy bears are our best friends and go everywhere with us but what would happen if your bear came to life and wasn’t quite as ‘innocent’ as we thought? That’s the premise behind the comedy Ted, and it turns out that your former best friend would probably just sit around on the couch having some distinctly ‘adult’ conversations.

Half Baked

This cult comedy from 1998 told the story of a bunch of amiable slackers who spent most of their days in a haze waiting for life to happen. Their attitude to life is so relaxed that one night after a party they find a strange guy asleep on the couch. Unable to get much sense from him they decide its best to leave him where he is. The ‘guy on the couch’ remains where he is for the duration of the story and seems to be accepted by our loveable losers as some kind of de facto housemate.

American Psycho

Okay, so you might not want not have the sofa after you have seen the film but Patrick Bateman’s stylised yuppie apartment looks pretty great, including his lovely couch, before he gets a bit nasty with a chainsaw. Not for the kids or the fainthearted.

With movies throwing up so much inspiration for fantastic sofas, getting your hands on something with star status is sure to be a priority. Sainsbury’s stock a great range of sofas that are both practical and attractive – check out their range online  today.




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