Simple Ways to Broaden Your Child’s Horizons

Are you looking for simple ways to broaden your child’s horizons?

When your child gets so excited about an activity and wants to keep doing it over and over, it can be so hard to get them to show interest in something else! Although children tend to find themselves primarily focused on a couple of subjects or activities, they are incredibly capable and susceptible to learning and new acquiring skills. It is helpful to assist your child in broadening their horizons, as it is a way for them to try new things and helps to shape them as adults.


Simple Ways to Broaden Your Child’s Horizons

Here are some activities you can do with your children to broaden their horizon and enrich them:

Read to them 

Reading is so important and such a wonderful way for children to use their imaginations, as well as for educational purposes. Get them excited about reading by having them choose books that align with their interests, and offer suggestions of related books that have life lessons in them as well. As you read, engage in conversation with your child and ask questions such as why they think a character is doing something or what they would do in a situation.


Expose them to a second language

Exposing your child to a second language is a way you can broaden your child’s horizons and it is something that they will surely thank you for later in life. Language skills are easily learned starting from a young age as kids are already learning so many new things, that language can seem to be ‘just one more thing’. You can watch movies and TV shows with subtitles, play games in the language they are learning, and use fun and interactive apps for educational tech time. Language apps such as Babbel are a modern take on traditional language learning that allow people of any age group to pick up or practice an array of languages thanks to their online courses, like Italian for example.


Take family field trips and adventures

Traveling outside of your hometown is a way you can expose your child to different ways of life, different cultures, etc. Take family field trips and go on adventures together to learn, expand your minds, and create memories as a family. Have open dialogue as a family as you travel, ask questions, and learn together. This also sets a good example for your child and will help them to grow up with an open and accepting mindset. The example of getting out and exploring that you set for your children will also encourage them to do the same for the rest of their lives.


Make art / do crafts to broaden your child’s horizons

Making art and doing crafts is always a good idea with kids! It allows them to use their imagination, have fun, and use their fine motor skills. Check out some art project ideas together and then have them pick the ones to do as you go.


Involve them in cooking / baking activities 

Getting interested in cooking and baking is a way for your child to learn about food and nutrition as well as to grow up having a healthy relationship with food. Take them grocery shopping and/or go to the farmers’ market to pick out ingredients together, and have them be involved in every part of the process. You can pick out some recipe options ahead of time and have the select the final menu! This could even lead to a fun new family tradition.


Grow a vegetable garden or plant flowers together 

Anyone can learn so much about food from gardening, and it is a fun (and educational) way to get your kids outside. It is also a way for your children to get excited about the food that they eat since they know where it is coming from, and this can help to avoid some picky eater situations. Grow a vegetable garden so they can tend to the produce or plant flowers together and have them be involved in caring for the garden. You can give them a responsibility, such as a certain plant or garden box and they can get excited about watching all the progress!


This is also a gift that keeps on giving, as the habit and nature of healthy eating is one they will be thankful for the rest of their lives.

The more you expose your children to things, the more they will be curious and want to learn more and the more you will broaden your child’s horizons


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