Nature Art Projects

Nature Art Projects are close to my heart in fact I have just co-authored a book all about these!



Nature craft and play helps you discover the treasures and pleasures of our natural world with 52 fun activities following the seasons.

Filled with crafts, gardening, games, art and science activities for children aged 7 years and up that are budget-friendly and will entertain all year round.

From Spring sunflower challenges to Summer mandalas, Autumn conker craft to Winter pine cone decorations, it will inspire children to get creative with nature!

  • Fun activities for every week of the year
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and tips
  • Colourful photographs and illustrations

Wise parents plan crafts and activities for their kids when they go on a camping trip or on a family picnic and these nature art projects are simply perfect. They also know that you don’t have to break the bank for the kids to have a great time.

Nature Art projects

These crafts are both frugal and fun. Try them on your next family outing or in your garden.

Gather your supplies.

You will need empty tin cans, glue, pipe cleaners, sturdy scissors, and plastic bags. Add a roll of sisal rope, markers, and cardboard, and you are ready to go.


Pet rocks and message rocks are fun to make.

Find flat smooth rocks around the area. Use your markers to create animals out of the rocks. You can also create message rocks using words instead of pictures.


Make a trivet tray out of sticks.

Cut an eight by ten piece of cardboard. Collect enough flat sticks to cover your cardboard. Draw four squares on the cardboard. Two squares should be four by six, and two should be four by four. The long square should be opposite sides and ends of the cardboard.

Cover one square with glue.

Lay sticks that are cut to fit the square up and down the square. Cover the adjacent square with glue and lay the sticks across the square. Put glue in the square above the sticks going up and down and lay the sticks across the square. Fill in the final square and lay the sticks up and down. Glue a row of sisal rope around the outer edge of the cardboard. Let your unique trivet tray dry.


Collect pine cones around the trees for Nature Art Projects

Use pipe cleaners and glue to turn them into creatures from the forest. Use the pipe cleaners to form legs, antennae, horns, ears, and snouts. Cut off little ends and color them with the markers. Glue them on the pine cone to create eyes.


Picture frames can be made with piles of sticks.

Gather sixteen sticks that are as straight as you can find. They should be close to one-half inches around. Separate them into four piles of six sticks each. Lay two groups parallel to one another and three and three-quarters inches apart.

Find the centre of the sticks and measure two and one-half inches on either side of the middle—glue another group of six across both of the parallel piles. Glue the last group of sticks two and one-half inches on the other side of the centerline. Leave the sticks until the glue is dried. Cut four sections of sisal rope to wind around the four corners. Form an “x” pattern.

Glue it at the end. Attach a rope loop to the top centre of the frame. Add a picture behind the frame and hang it up at home.


Make a unique pencil holder for back to School Nature Art Projects

Take your plastic bag and go for a walk, gathering fun items like small pine cones, acorns, and pods. Glue them to the outside of a tin can. Do one side and let it dry. Then move on to the next section until the can is completely covered. It is ready to top any desk in need of a way to organize its pencils.


The many benefits of nature art projects

Nature Art Projects are a brilliant way to  get kids outside and encourage their creativity

If you love nature follow these nature hashtags on instagram for instant inspiration and check out my fabulous collection of summer nature crafts for lots more ideas of nature art projects to do with kids

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