Sheet Music Makes a Meaningful Gift

Sheet Music Makes a Meaningful Gift

 Over at Great scores you can find many wonderful, musical treasures. Great Scores is the number 1 site for downloading sheet music specially arranged for piano, keyboards and other instruments into a wide range of ability levels.

Sheet music from Great scores typically costs just a couple of pounds and has endless gift potential.Obviously most people buy sheet music to play but as a non musical but more an arty crafty type I have other thoughts!

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I think framing sheet music from Greatscores can make a really personalised meaningful gift. If your child loved the Bare Necessities for example how sweet would it be to frame the music and have it in their bedroom. If your Grandma loves Sinatra then to send her a framed copy of the score for Come Fly with Me with lyrics would be ace. If your partner once serenaded you to Adele singing Make You Feel My Love maybe you could frame this as an anniversary gift.

I know a very crafty lady who bought sheet music for Christmas songs photocopied them and made tags and book marks as gifts with them. You could also cover plain notepads with the score from a song that is meaningful to you.

You are my sunshine always makes me think of happy days and would be a wonderful journal cover for me.I want my children to know by heart the words to I Hope You Dance so that score and lyrics would be perfectly framed in their playroom. For my dad I would pick an old Nat King Cole’s song Wonderful World and in memory of mum anything by Elvis.

Sheet Music is magical to me, it holds a promise of music to be played, and it stores memories and makes great art.




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