Center Parcs Sherwood Forest: Diary of a Holiday

Last week we were very lucky and got to go on a weeks holiday to Sherwood Forest Center Parcs. We were really happy to go there , we have been twice before and it is a wonderful holiday venue, packed with things to do or blissful peace…whatever you are after really.

Throughout this week I will be telling you about all aspects of our trip but first of all I wanted to share our family diary with you.


Packed a variety of clothes (in this weather..who knows what you need!) and food to self cater and we headed off on the 40 min journey to Center Parcs. I love not having to waste a day of our holiday travelling and keeping it local means we all arrive fresh and enthusiastic.  Pre registering online means you are swiftly booked in and parked up ready to go. You can’t get in the villa till 3 but you can have full use of the facilities from 10 a.m which is excellent. We spent our first day getting on our bikes and exploring the forest and  having a swim in the wonderful pool. I’ll let Frankie , my 8 year old, tell you all about it.


Everyone slept like logs after all the fresh fresh air. Tuesday was spent at Fairy School (making wands, gaining a fairy name and playing games ) for my little girl and soccer school for my son (tournament and skills practice.) Both activities had excellent staff and they were lots of fun for the kids. In case you are wondering Annalise is now to be known as Dandelion Sparkle Moon.

I meanwhile had an anti-ageing facial which was bliss. I almost fell asleep. Daddy watched the foorabll and we all regrouped for lunch. Back to the pool in the afternoon for more white water rapids, waves and whirlpools, it is truly a wonderful pool.



Today my in-laws came to enjoy the forest and spend some time with the children. They went to the lovely sandy beach, explored the parks and fed the animals that roamed around our villa. They all had a wonderful time. Grandpa went on the biggest water slides with Frankie and Gran made a lovely picnic with Annalise. They loved their day with us and  found the staff helpful and supportive and the free amenities excellent.

We meanwhile had a 3 hour spa session. We mainly swam in the outside pool in the sunshine.The spa was magic and we totally relaxed.

That night we all had an Italian meal in the Strada restaurant. The food was delightful and there was an excellent children’s menu too.  We had  a tasty meal and lots of choice despite all being vegetarian. On site there are various restaurants and even a take away or delivery service so something for everyone. Obviously the budget way to holiday is to self cater and the villa had a perfectly designed, complete kitchen including a dishwasher!


Well Thursday involved sandcastle building and volleyball on the beach and a long bike ride around the lake. Lots of together time, relaxing and just being. Wonderful.

I spent a lot of time feeding the ducks and watching the bunnies whilst the children drew and wrote and played in the grass. We had a little stream outside our villa door and you could sit there for hours and be constantly entertained. Check out the view from our villa

We made it to the kids disco tonight too and that was great fun. I got to cuddle Rupert Bear and do the conga (oh and so did the kids!)


Friday came too fast and it was time to go home but once the car  was packed we were still allowed to stay and play. We said goodbye to the ducks. We had a last picnic by the lake and went for a final dip in the pool and waved our goodbyes.

Final thoughts

At Center Parcs you can rest and you can play. You can stand and stare at peaceful scenes or walk in the trees (really!) You can spend money on luxuries like lovely meals out and spa treatments or you can picnic and play on the beach. It is all there; a chance for a family  to do nothing but be or to get involved in fabulous activities. It’s a perfect place for you to have the holiday that’s just right for you and your budget in a truly lovely place.

Thank you Center Parcs we will be back!

To find out more about Center Parcs just click through to the Center Parcs website

Disclaimer: This was a press trip to Center Parcs so we were provided with this holiday for the purpose of review However the views and experiences described here are purely our own.



  1. July 15, 2012 / 2:24 pm

    Looks like you had a brilliant week x x x

  2. July 15, 2012 / 2:55 pm

    it sure looks like that you had the most perfect stay.

  3. Becky
    July 15, 2012 / 5:32 pm

    It was fab!

  4. Becky
    July 15, 2012 / 5:32 pm

    Oh we really did cass

  5. Joanne Mallon
    July 16, 2012 / 2:25 pm

    Lovely pics Becky, looks like you were lucky with the weather. I would be interested to know how much this break would have cost had you been paying for it and whether you feel it’s good value for money. The one time we went to CP Sherwood Forest we felt thoroughly fleeced and haven’t been back since. These days we prefer Butlins as much more is included, whereas at CP you have to pay through the nose for pretty much everything apart from the swimming.

  6. Becky
    July 16, 2012 / 7:57 pm

    Thanks for your comment Joanne, I will have to ask what it would have cost I think it was about £650 when I looked it up but that was towards the time we were going so quite last minute Gosh I thought there was loads to do the beach , volleyball, all the parks, the gorgeous animals, the endless walks, the nature centre and the children’s disco. For four of us I did think it was good value and we spent huge amounts in the pool. I think it is good value as the forest environment is spectacular and it is such a treat to spend trime living within such a forest. I am actually off for a long weekend to Butlins at Skeggy in August and that has cost me £450 for 4 of us so almost comparable price if you factor in the times. i shall let you know what I think of Butlins!

  7. March 7, 2013 / 3:33 pm


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